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Lumikki hummed happily as she marched along the beach, swinging her arms - and Roxy's as she held her hand fast. The other grumbled loudly but didn't snatch her hand back. This left Sachiko and Zaniah to trail quietly behind them. Zaniah threw cautious and curious glances towards the woman who walked besides her. She noticed that the other began to send similar glances back to her.

Perhaps she should try to start a conversation-

“So what do you do for a living?” Asked Lumikki who had suddenly stopped humming and was now looking over her shoulder at the other two.

The sudden question surprised Zaniah, mostly because she was certain that Lumikki was in a world of her own. It wasn't exactly a difficult question to answer normally, but she was uncertain as to how to approach it in front of the two sisters.

"I'm a musician." She finally answered.

That seemed to thrill Lumikki who let go of Roxy's hand to full turn to face Zaniah and grasp her hands instead.

"Really?" Lumikki's eyes practically sparkled. "Are you in a band? What instrument do you play?"

Zaniah awkwardly ran a hand through the short hairs on the back of her neck.

"Ah well." She started as Lumikki began to drag her along. "I uh. Yeah, I'm in a band. I can play the guitar and a little bit of bass but I'm mostly a singer."

Lumikki gasped with joy.

“A singer?! Did you know that Roxy was a singer?”

“I…. No I didn’t…”

Behind her she could hear Roxy groan loudly.

“Because I don’t like telling people that, Lumi.” Roxy sighed with clear frustration. “I used to be a blues singer. It was a long time ago.”

Despite Roxy’s clear distaste of the subject, Lumikki continued to talk of Roxy’s past career as a singer - mostly praising her beautiful voice and mourning that she no longer sang. No matter how much she protested Lumikki continued on and on. It seemed the other woman was paying no attention to her sister. Sachiko could only wince in sympathy every time Roxy told her sister to give it a rest. It was… Incredibly awkward.

Sachiko began to slow her pace slightly, hoping to be left behind. She noticed, with surprise, that Roxy had slowed her pace to match her own. She figured that Roxy was also trying to escape the situation.

Quietly Sachiko hoped the other two would notice their absence before too long and abandon their journey in favour of looking for them. Some things were meant to be kept a secret.

A hand suddenly grabbed her by her collar and Sachiko was violently pulled to one side. Her back hit the cliff side.

Roxy loomed over her.

“Alright Fish.” Growled Roxy as she pulled herself closer to the other. “What’s going on?”

“W-what are you talking about?” Gasped Sachiko as Roxy’s grip pulled the collar of her shirt tight around her neck, restricting her breathing.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You know exactly what’s going on here. And you are going to tell me - or I’m going to rip your arms off and feed them to the sharks.”

“You- Lumikki will notice we’re gone!”

“No she won’t, she’s far too busy badgering Zan.” Roxy began to twist Sachiko’s arm, ignoring her cry of pain. “Now start talking.”


Lumikki peek over her shoulder, noting to herself that Roxy was no longer close behind her.

“Okay, Zaniah.” Her smile suddenly dropped and her voice became serious.

Zaniah froze as anxiety filled her veins with ice. Lumikki stopped walking and turned to the other with her hands on her hips.

“What are you doing with my sister?” Lumikki jabbed a finger towards the other.

Zaniah held her hands up in an attempt to pacify Lumikki.

“Whoa, whoa! Hold on a second.” She tried to explain. “We’re friends!”

That didn’t seem to appease Lumikki. Her eyes narrowed and she leaned forwards.


“Yes!” Zaniah took a step back, trying not to meet the other’s eyes by looking over her shoulder. “I swear! We are just- what the heck?”

She grasped Lumikki by the shoulders and spun her around to face the ocean.

Or rather where the ocean was missing. The waves had parted, exposing sand to air it has not seen for many thousands of years. It seemed to stretch for miles, like a path. But where could it possibly lead?

“HEY LUMI!” A familiar voice shouted.

The two turned to witness Roxy rushing down the beach, dragging an unhappy Sachiko behind her. Both were out of breath, Sachiko somehow appearing in worse shape than Roxy - despite the fact Sachiko was better dressed for the weather where Roxy was still wearing full black and leather.

“This whole thing is-”

Roxy tried to explain but was cut off by Lumikki who excitedly pointed to the path in the ocean.

“Look at this Roxy!” She cried out, arms thrown wide. “This has to be magic!"

"Magic, right…" Roxy side eyed Sachiko.

Lumikki was already half way down the path carved by the ocean by the time Roxy turned her attention fully back to her sister. She yelled out in surprise but Lumikki only laughed and gestured for the others to follow her.

Not that she gave them a chance to decide as she started to walk further along the path. Roxy shot Sachiko a dirty look but followed her sister regardless.

Word Count: 905

First prompt of the second half the of the Summer Jawaby event. 

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