[DREAM-006] Harvest Hazards

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The book was a money saver.

Potions and remedies were costing an arm and a leg on the market place, especially with how quickly they went through them on all these raids and adventures through hostile areas. Not to mention any loose change they get tends to be spent on food anyways - ("But it's so good Vulture! And I'm hungry!" "You are always hungry."). All they had to do was gather the required plants and follow the cooking instructions.

Simple right?

"Stop that!" Vulture smacked Scout across the back of her head.

-15HP flashed above her head as the force caused her to spit out the berries she was chewing on.

"Ow!" Scout whined. "What was that for?!"

"Stop eating our ingredients."

Scout pouted but Vulture sternly ignored her. Luckily the bush that grew the berries that just disappeared into Scout's mouth, was a rather common plant and it didn't take long for Vulture to find another one and pick the correct amount of berries - storing them safely in her own personal inventory this time. She really really needed to stop trusting Scout with the ingredients, it only led to one conclusion.

"Wha' else do we need?" Asked Scout around a mouthful of fresh berries.

"One Tree Top Orchid." Vulture read out from the book.

"Okay… Where we find that?"

Vulture tilted her head skywards.

"In the tree tops."

Scout followed her gaze, almost falling backwards as her neck craned back. There, nestled amongst the bright green leaves, grew a bright blue flower, high above their heads. It was several metres above the ground and there was absolute no way to reach it-

"What are you doing?" Vulture shouted in concern.

She would have tried to reach out and pull Scout back but the other girl was already scuttling half way up the tree. She was out of reach now.

"I'm getting the flower." Scout yelled back, face unimpressed as if it should have been obvious what she was doing.

"You'll fall, you idiot."

"Naaaah, I'm fine!"

Scout pulled herself onto the branch where the flower grew. It creaked unhappily beneath her boots but held strong. It continued to groan and protest as she moved towards the flower, walking as up right as she could with her arms outstretched to maintain her balance.

Vulture couldn't watch.

All it would take is one gust of wind and the idiot would fall. And she didn't know if this game had fall damage! Knowing their luck it probably did. She could die from that height - and lose all the progress the two had made!

Something hit her on the head. She opened her eyes and looked down. Blue petals that faded to white towards its centre, a long woody stem covered in small green thorns. The Orchid…

She turned her head up towards her companion.

And another Orchid hit her square in the face.

Scout cackled above her as she swiped leaves and petals from her face. She reached for the last plant, still laughing loudly to herself. Fingers curled around the plant's stem and she prepared to yank it.

Time seemed to slow down as the inevitable happened. A gust of wind came as Scout over stretched. Her balance was already off and the gust pushed her over the edge. Literally. She fell from the branch, arms flailing wildly as she tried to grasp anything.

She hit the ground with a loud exclamation.

In an instant, Vulture was at her side checking her over. Shockingly, Scout was startled but otherwise completely unharmed. She quietly breathed a sigh of relief as Scout picked herself up, handing the final plant, which had fallen with her, to Vulture.

"Hey." Scout grinned. "No fall damage!"

Vulture pinched the bridge of her nose with her free hand.

"You are a damn idiot."

Word Count: 635

Side-quest of the Stygian Event- DREAM-ONLINE

Its hard to gather alchemy ingredients when your party member insists on eating them all.

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