[DREAM-005] Fashion Faux Pas

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"What's next on the list?" Scout asked casually as she plunged more arrows into a defenceless goob which was unfortunate enough to cross her path.

Vulture grumbled a response as she pulled out their now joint Quest Log.

"Next main quest is level locked." She informed her companion.

A loud - and frankly unnecessary - groan left Scout.

"How many under?"

"About five."

Scout took out another goob, this time foregoing her weapon and using her boot to dispose of the poor thing. Her violent murder only gained her a measly +1 EXP.


"We need to do side quests." Said Vulture.

As Scout did not argue with her - too busy stomping on more unfortunate goobs in a futile attempt to raise her level - Vulture took the initiative and selected a side quest for the pair.

Hmm which one?

'Kill 1000 Goobs' Heh, Scout was well on her way to completing that one but they needed quick EXP and quick quest completion, that one would just take too long.

'Visit the Guild Hall' Sounded easy enough on paper but when she checked where this 'Guild Hall' was, it was not only on the other side of the map but past a deadly area that they were not the right level to tackle. Pass.

'Marry Puzzle' Who the-

Vulture looked over to Scout, whipping goob goo off her boots in the long grass. Scout was hardly marriage material - and the same could be said for her - and that made the quest sound like it was more work than it probably was. Plus even though it was just a fictional marriage in a fictional world, Vulture didn't feel like sharing her only friend with this Puzzle character.


'Enter the Fashion Contest!' Well that one seemed doable. It was nearby and all it said was to enter - nothing about winning.

Satisfied she'd found a decent quest, Vulture activated it.


The fashion show turned out to be less of a 'strut your stuff in a pre-made outfit' kind of contest which she was expecting and more of a 'make your own outfit and show it off' contest. Boxes of fabric scraps, crystals, sequins, and other shiny bits and bobs were stacked on top of each other, taking up a lot of the space in the tent. Large rolls of fabric stood on end behind a small sewing table, complete with a sewing machine.

"So uhh…" Started Scout. "Do you know how to sew?"


Silence fell over the two girls. Scout trailed her hands over the crates and rolls of fabric, trying to figure out a solution to their little problem. Vulture simply stood in silence and stewing in annoyance, viciously rethinking her purchase and wondering if it was too late to ask for a refund.

"It can't be that hard." Scout eventually said. "I mean we have a machine here that will do all the sewing for us!"

She flipped the sewing machine on.

The noise was deafening. Scout flinched in fear as the needle began it's violent assault on anything that lay under it. The table shook with the force of the machine's battering and bouncing - as if it were some possessed creature.

Vulture acted quickly. She pulled Scout back harshly, shielding her with her own body. Sword was quickly drawn with an audible shrk. With one deft blow, she cleaved the machine in half in a shower of sparks. It's demonic shrieks came to an abrupt end.

Scout peered around Vulture's back, eyes wide and fearful of the defeated machine.

"No sewing." Growled Vulture.

"Yeah… No sewing." A breathless Scout agreed.

Silence stretched between them, almost defeating in the absence of the chewing of the machine. Its mangled corpse was still yet it was still menacing to the two Stygians.

"What about…" Suggested Scout, eyes going over the rolls of fabric and ribbons. "A toga style? No sewing required."

Word Count: 647

Side-quest of the Stygian Event- DREAM-ONLINE

Two nightmare deer afraid of one sewing machine? Its more likely than you think

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LOL POOR SCOUT AND VULTURE... defeated by a sewing machine HAHAHAHA. also Scout is more murdery than I remember uh oh