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The flames of this incredible artwork have incinerated me!
Krashface's avatar
why I always read BEN!?
TheRose1997's avatar
Not Ben. Actually it is translated from Russian бей-beat
Krashface's avatar
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всегда пожалуйста-you welcome;) (Wink) 
360inyourballs's avatar
oh god... you're my angel! So much emotions pass trough his eyes. Amazing. In fact your entire work is just fuck*ng amzing.
PS : Yeah I'm a big giant fan of the fury : D
arok318's avatar
hey, glad you like it : D always happy to hear from another fury fan <3
360inyourballs's avatar
oh speaking of him do you have any idea where I could find a 3D model of him? It's for a mod : ).
arok318's avatar
nah sorry, no clue : c
JohnDoe1991's avatar
I see the earth!
DimensionalKnight's avatar
Very good, you have captured his expression perfectly.
arok318's avatar
oops sorry for the late response! and thank you : D
Vivid-Funk's avatar
Great helmet detail.
Barocka's avatar
its cool, its very cool, i love the fury and you have captured the rage of fury that I love, you are GREAT!
arok318's avatar
thanks a lot, glad you like it : >!
Joey-crassucci's avatar
finaly some epic fury... love it
arok318's avatar
Joey-crassucci's avatar
np.. thank you for great art
whatwazthat's avatar
adore how intense this is.
sarrus's avatar
Just recently went through MGS3 on that HD collection re-release, it's a shame so little is ever focused on the cobras!
Love the look in his eyes.
arok318's avatar
yes it's a shame indeed. they have almost zero background story... all they do is being there and... looking cool
and thanks a lot!
Snowiweather's avatar
I've never even seen or played this game before, but I just love the raw rage of this character you manage to convey just through the eyes and the brows alone. This guy definitely lives up to the name.
arok318's avatar
the games are so wonderful jksdfklsd <3
and thanks a lot! it's a lot of fun to try showing a character's personality with just some small things like his eyes in this case
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