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Metal Gear Scribbles

after watching my brother play metal gear rising all these feelings came back
all these feelings y_y
so some character scribbles, in no particular order, and mantis of course because mantis <3

mgs characters (c) konami
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Awesome artwork! And thank you for including Decoy Octopus. I don't think he gets enough recognition, despite having had a small yet vital role in MGS.

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Now that I think of it, Sorrow kinda kicked Mantis's butt during one part. I mean, Mantis was being annoying and trying to read your memory card, but there wasn't one, and I guess Sorrow didn't like that.
I can just imagine Sorrow's thinking, "There's only room for one floating psychic here, and that's me!"
Lol. this is great!
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... Technically, the Sorrow isn't a psychic. He's a medium - someone who has the ability to talk to ghosts, literally like Cole Sears from The Sixth Sense. Mantis is a psychic; His powers affect the physical world only, exactly like Eleven from Stranger Things. The Sorrow can't make things float or control people's minds, and Mantis can't speak to the ghosts of soldiers to get an edge in battlefield info. The reason Sorrow easily beat Mantis is strictly because Mantis was nothing but a disembodied ghost at that point, and ghosts and spirits are the Sorrow's specialty. It'd be like someone who controls water fighting someone with control over sand in a hot desert; Kinda unfair playing field.

This art is awesome, though. So much Metal Gear nostalgia ;-;
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Oh man, now this has got me remembering those classic moments ^_^
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This is very awesome!! I love your work!! está demasiado genial!!! :squee:
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thank you! and sorry for the late response ;_;!
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hahahhhahaha there's no probleem!!! XD you don't need to worry ;)
A rogue's gallery, guest starring Raiden. Niiice. Your Mantis is just superb.
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thank you : )
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Raiden, Mantis, The Fear and The Sorrow? 
"Hideo you can't do this. You've created a timeparadox!"
*dam dam da da da - do do doom*
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Wen habe ich nur am liebsten... ? ;)

Einmal ganz links, einmal ganz rechts und einmal alles, was dazwischen liegt würd ich sagen. ^^
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hehh das hast du aber schön gesagt ; D
ach schön, n deutscher metal gear fan, treff ich nich oft!
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Sag mir das mal: Kenne kaum "richtige" Fans hierzulande... LOL
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Wicked! Glad to see other MG fans accepting Rising's existance...
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it ain't metal gear solid but it's really fun to play plus the villains are superb as always
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Exactly, people are generally just afraid of a bit of change. There's all the other games right there waiting if you just want the normal MG experience. Plus, you could get surprisingly tactical with the gameplay!
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This is beautiful, and yes Mantis, the greatest villain ever created
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i totally agree y_y and thanks!
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I said it before, and I'll say it again. I LOVE the way you draw Psycho Mantis. And I'm glad there's another person just as obsessed about him as I am. Though I never tried to draw him, I always felt I couldn't do him justice. :C
Also the Sorrow looks creepy as ever.
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thank you so much, means a lot to me ;_;!
my mantis obsession is beyond your wildest imaginations, from 2001 til today, but i have still too much respect for the character to draw him more often y_Y
also you should really give it a try D: ! i know i'm often in doubts about that myself, but not even giving it a chance is the worst you can do : <
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I know how you feel.
Well, I'll give it a shot, but I feel like my more cutesy way of drawing would ruin him. B( I too, have tons of respect for the character. I once cosplayed, but feel like I didn't do him any justice at all.

Anyways, I was Shadoword, I bugged you quite a bit about stuff. Sorry about all the bugg-age. BI
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The fact that you drew Octopus makes me really, really happy!! <333
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<3 most underrated character
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mantis of course!!
you remembered Decoy Octopus, this makes me so happy ;u;
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