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dragonball is occupying my mind currently

(c) akira toriyama
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This artwork makes me miss Kami already. :-(
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To quote Big Green Garlic jr : Good Lord! It's God!
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Hiya! I liked this picture so much I featured it in this journal of mine [link] among other Dragon Ball images I really found beautiful. I hope it's not a problem.
Portrats of this character's are not often to be seen, and you made him in a great way! My compliments, really! :clap:

Please take a look at the other pictures if you have the time - you won't be disappointed and you could make someone else's day with a comment or a fave! You can also fave the journal to help giving their (and, well, yours too ^^) art more exposure, but that's up to you of course.
And again, thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful piece!
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I am such a huge fan of your art and this interpretation of Kami is so awesome. BE VERY PROUD OF YOUR WORK~! ^w^
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thanks a lot : >
DBZGargoylesFan800's avatar
This is a pretty cool picture of Kami you made.;-) 
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Great! I love the composition and the way you used the brushes :)
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thank you : )!
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you're welcome ^^
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Oh Dragonball ~
*in Errinerungen schwelg*
Piccolo war ja immer mein Favorit Xd
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Just fantastic ..don't know what else to say.
Angevelinka's avatar
Shading on his clothes is amazing.
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T-R-L's avatar
I kinda love the clouds.
FeixMan's avatar
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der felix!
wie gehts denn so?
und göttlicher gott indeed~
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Hallöchen auch!
Etwas stressig in letzter Zeit. Hole mein Abitur aufm zweiten Bildungsweg nach; habe die Chance beim ersten Versuch ja nicht ergriffen und dafür darf ich jetzt sozusagen nachsitzen. Aber ansonsten geht's mir gut, danke und dir?
Meine DragonBall Mangas sind etwas eingestaubt... ich sollte sie noch mal lesen. Aber dafür müsste ich erstmal das Zeug entfernen, was darauf steht. :S
arok318's avatar
das ist doch aber scheyn : )! wann bistn damit fertig?
und ich studier grad multimedia im 2. semester~
FeixMan's avatar
In ungefähr 2 Jahren. Schuljahren wohlbemerkt.
Und? Wie ist das Studium so? Ich hab da so gar keine Vorstellung von. Ich hoffe, dass es dir Spaß macht? Oder sich zumindest auszahlen wird...
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DBZ SHOULD occupy your mind! Every second of every day! You will become one of us, soon.. *cackle*

Ahem, sorry. DBZ's been occupying my mind since I've been watching it on Nicktoons. >_<

I like this! Very nice colors and I really like the sky.
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I wonder what would happen if the new Fusion Piccolo made another set of DragonBalls...I dubt they'd be as strong as the 1st BlackStars but somethin like it....
AM05's avatar
I got idea you can draw Kami and King Piccolo in the same pic like light and darkness
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