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Brains, bitch.

copypasta from da tumblr
"i’m not randomly zombifying jesse pinkman here, heh, he was part of a dream i had half a year ago and this was his… state of being.
and while i was busy being nick from l4d2 he was creeping the hell out of me and making fun of my inability to run away "

breaking bad characters (c) amc?
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He's so creepy. I love it! Jesse (Yeah science!) - Icon 
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Wow. How doesn't this have more favorites? Absolutely amazing. C:
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von jesse im zombiestyle träumen is schon nen bisl krass^^
aber trotzdem breaking bad for live =)
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ich dacht auch einmal mehr als sonst, was stimmt nicht mit mir...
basti, ich hatt diese woche keine zeit : ( hast du wahrscheinlich gemerkt, ich hab mich nicht gemeldet... tut mir leid ;_;
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hab ich gemerkt...nich schlimm ;)
vielleicht wirs nochmal in diesem leben ;)
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Breaking Bad is the best show that ever existed.
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How weird. I'm actually watching Breaking Bad right now.
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oh which season?
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I just started season 5
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You have weird dreams.
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this wasn't the weirdest, i promise
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It's kafka-esque.
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