Friendship is Magic--The Night the Magic Died

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Update, August 15th, 2014

The final installment, pages 135 and 136, are here. Thank you all for sticking with me to the end.

P.S. Happy Birthday, sis! :icongoldeenherself:

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About this project (Original Entry Posted on August 2nd, 2012):

On a whim, sometime a little over a year ago, I discovered and watched an episode of a cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Finding it was to my liking, I started watching each episode as it came out. It was fun, some episodes I liked more than others, but never was there one that disappointed me.

Come the finale of Season 2, I was, to put it most sweetly, inspired. I wrote a fanfic, venting my rage expressing my excitement about the season finale and the events leading up to it. I talked about it with my friends, I even got the fanfic polished to a point where it was almost presentable.

That was about two months ago, and now, I present to you my webcomic adaptation of my fanfic: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Night the Magic Died! If you're a fan of FiM as well, Don't let the title frighten you. It all turns out okay, but there will be a trip through hell and back to take on the way.

I will be posting this on DeviantArt and Furaffinity, two pages a week, starting today!

I will be using this journal as a page index, and as a nook where I will try to answer any questions you may have, etc.

So, without further delay, enjoy!

[Friendship is magic: The Night the Magic Died Gallery!]

[Page 001: The Rulers of Equestria]
[Page 002: Crash Landing]
[Page 003: What's a ***?]
[Page 004: Read ALL the books!]
[Page 005: It's like not sneezing]
[Page 006: Now THIS is a train]
[Page 007: Nat, you're a jerk]
[Page 008: It's funny because XXX]
[Page 009: Gear up, everypony]
[Page 010: Teacups are awkward for him]
[Page 011: Got a problem with puns?]
[Page 012: 4th and 5th wall breakdown]
[Page 013: The Call to Adventure]
[Page 014: Psychic Disguise]
[Page 015: Leading The Wolf to The Nest]
[Page 016: This Just Got Real]
[Page 017: She can go about her business]
[Page 018: Little Miss Brass-Balls]
[Page 019: Sit down, girl]
[Page 020: The Table is Set]
[Page 021: Diplomatic Middle Finger]
[Page 022: An Amicable Arrangement?]
[Page 023: Why we don't intervene]
[Page 024: Daydreaming]
[Page 025: This mistrust is mutual]
[Page 026: Friendship Worth Fighting For]
[Page 027: Equestria's own Diagon Alley]
[Page 028: Technicolor Monstrosity]
[Page 029: Wand Lore]
[Page 030: Auto Didactics for the Win!]
[Page 031: Who is this Bro person?]
[Page 032: A level-up in Heart]
[Page 033: Entrapment]
[Page 034: Flight or Fight]
[Page 035: Fluttershy's Shadow]
[Page 036: Healthy Coping]
[Page 037: Breaking The Cycle]
[Page 038: I Art Thou, Thou Art I]
[Page 039: Kindness Reborn]
[Page 040: Sign of Doom]
[Page 041: A Shift of Balance]
[Page 042: Baa Ram Ewe]
[Page 043: Don't Give Her Coffee]
[Page 044: Getting What You Wished For]
[Page 045: A Hard Question]
[Page 046: All Shall Love Me and Despair]
[Page 047: Deaf Virtuosos]
[Page 048: Back to Basics]
[Page 049: A Disturbance in Canterlot]
[Page 050: Rite of Passage]
[Page 051: Bringing Down the System]
[Page 052: Eureka Effect]
[Page 053: Tastes Like Diabetes]
[Page 054: Ulterior Motives]
[Page 055: The Truth...]
[Page 056: ...And Reconciliation]
[Page 057: I See What You Did There]
[Page 058: The Audience Now Know All]
[Page 059: Your body is NOT ready]
[Page 060: Extraordinary Claims]
[Page 061: Unintentional Offense]
[Page 062: Prime Directive Defiance]
[Page 063: Well Founded Doubt]
[Page 064: Ordinary Proof]
[Page 065: Fear, Anger and Hate]
[Page 066: Psychic Hulk]
[Page 067: J'accuse!]
[Page 068: History With A Different Spin]
[Page 069: No White-Knighting Allowed]
[Page 070: The Tinker Bell Effect]
[Page 071: Twist The Knife!]
[Page 072: Violence Begets Violence]
[Page 073: Disillusion]
[Page 074: The Monster Rage-Quits]
[Page 075: Yes, This is Happening]
[Page 076: It's Not Swearing]
[Page 077: Suffering]
[Page 078: Everything'll be Fine--Right?]
[Page 079: Let Me See the Script]
[Page 080: Growth Pains]
[Page 081: Regret]
[Page 082: I'm a Cameo!]
[Page 083: Stain of Shame]
[Page 084: The Storm Rolls In]
[Page 085: Silence Will Fall]
[Page 086: The Question is Asked]
[Page 087: Meat Bicycle Built for Two]
[Page 088: The Mystery is Solved]
[Page 089: Evil Wins When Good Act Not]
[Page 090: Taste the Rainbow]
[Page 091: Hindsight]
[Page 092: Flickering Light of Will]
[Page 093: Running on Fumes]
[Page 094: Wait! It Gets Worse!]
[Page 095: The Magic Dies]
[Page 096: Supernatural Aid]
[Page 097: Escape?]
[Page 098: Accepting the Call]
[Page 099: Crisis Response]
[Page 100: Leaving Canterlot]
[Page 101: The Belly of The Beast]
[Page 102: Labored Cadance]
[Page 103: Celestia's Shadow]
[Page 104: Nadir]
[Page 105: Better Late than Never]
[Page 106: Huff, Puff and Bluff]
[Page 107: Atlas's Understudy]
[Page 108: The Heroes are Chosen]
© 2012 - 2021 ArofaTamahn
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Kaykayfeddes's avatar
Love the story. It was great!!
littlejuliet's avatar
Oh my goodness - I spent the whole afternoon reading your story - awesome job! 
Neko-0ni's avatar
Any chance there's an archive (zip) of this so I dont have to download each and every page seperately to read offline on my tablet?
Stormcloud1120's avatar

If I put this on fimfic would you be ok with that?
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
Stormcloud1120's avatar
Twas to show I was crying.
Shadowflashdabearded's avatar
That was amazing and very in***ful. Much that the added story key thought should be studied by Hasbro though thought that it stirs a better sense of emotions, motives, purpose, the case of two right ends etc. is still beyond scoped and reel limits of market for them ;). It would certainly make for one super anime worth the hours invested. But God how we do still falter, this story adds much with its twists to this yet very...surprising in wisdom :D
TheChicaGirl's avatar
Khai2000's avatar
BEST COMIC EVER !!!!!!!excited happy excited happy excited happy :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: 
Would you mind if I did I story in this universe someday?
Evilbob0's avatar
Beautiful work! 

While you may be loathe to publish it (and draw the ire of IP lawyers), would you be willing provide all the pages in a single handy download link? (or a .cbz file?)

Also, have you thought about exploring the story leading up to the creation/birth of Luna and Celestia as part of this universe?
Dracknoor's avatar
Nice is this the end or are you going to do a sequal?
skywyrm's avatar
You should ask sillyfilly studios or flamingorich to animat it ^^
would be awsom
macaco2's avatar
I am using a translator since English is not my native language, I do fear that my poor command of the language does not do justice to what I wish to express.

You has become the frustration of a fan disappointed by a bad episode in a real work of art worthy of praise and dissemination. A basic problem of the fanfictions is the temptation to fall into the auto-insert, negatively altering the balance of the work that seeks to praise. It is normal that ego take the best of yours, the extraordinary occurs when a being legitimately creative manages to find the ideal balance and manages to give magic and life to a work which, by definition, does not belong to you and suddenly became yours naturally.

FiM TNtMD by ArofaTamahn deserves to be a work of worship by the strength of its history and the sublime handling of characters, ambient and mythology, worthy of a professional in the field of entertainment. God bless you for sharing your vision and throws you prosperity and success in your future projects.
ragnad's avatar
The facial expressions
that you draw
are a joy to behold
Creslix6's avatar
What a wonderful story you made and I'm so glad to have been able to see it through to the end! I wish the best of luck or motivation to finish any new projects you start! 
Sharpfang's avatar
I can praise your art, your imagination, your storytelling... it would be nothing unique. There are many artists at least as talented, with as much imagination and skill.

But you have something they don't.

Yours is the first non-commercial MLP comic of quality this high, which, after over 100 complex pages reached conclusion.
Your patience and tenacity is absolutely unique and superior to all.

I have a folder full of links to many very promising comics. Some of them seem better than your. Some of them still progress at glacial pace. Most stopped after chapter 1. One, after good 50 pages stopped like 3 pages before the conclusion.

When an artist starts a comic, they make a promise to the readers, a promise to take them for a wonderful ride and bring them to a certain destination.
You are the first who fulfilled that promise.
AidanofVT's avatar
I don't normally have internet, and when I do I don't have enough time to read this. Is there a compilation so I can download them all at once?
Klasico's avatar
I started the comic yesterday at night and finished it a few hours ago. Can't believe it's been created in 2012 and finished days ago.
saritasmith2013's avatar
-.- (^O^) SO MANY PAGES!!!!! squee~
Flying-Dragon's avatar
awesome and touching story, I loved it!
kabhes's avatar
omg so many pages
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