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FiM TNtMD - Page 136: The End


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* * *

You've come such a long, long way,
and I've watched you from that very first day.
To see how you might grow,
to see what you might do,
to see what you've been through
and all the ways you've made me proud of you.

At long last, a new change has come.
You've grown up and your new lives have begun.
So go where you will go,
and see what you will see.
Decide what you will be, because now, you're free
to make your own destiny.

And with that, I think it's over. Two years, thirteen days in the making, and it's finally over. Thank you all for sticking with this as long as you have, for enjoying my work, and putting up with my salty remarks in the descriptions.

With that in mind, if you'll pardon me, I wish to make one last statement.

Over the past two years, some of my opinions on the show have wavered. Things that I mocked or balked at I've come to gladly accept, cringing at the ignorance of my past self. Others, that I at first liked or tolerated, I've grown to find distasteful or questionable. I will not go into any of them, because I have a request for the writers that overrides all that I have said before.

Stop writing the show for us fans.

Every time a season has ended, on Equestria Daily and, I imagine, other MLP fan sites, a poll would be put up for various prominent ideas in the fandom that they'd like to see realized in the show, and sometimes, in tiny little ways, those wishes would come true. Stop doing that.

I can't speak for the other fans out there, but I didn't come to love the show for any of its fan-pandering, I came to love it because I saw a show that, had I children of my own, I would be overjoyed to find them watching. A show that wasn't good for little kids, but great for little kids. That taught what I would like to teach them myself, rather than being a source of shallow drivel at best, or toxic garbage that they'd have to unpack later in life at worst.

I can already hear some of you mocking me, saying that it's up to parents to arm kids against bad ideals that our culture may throw at them, but I say that when you make something for kids, you are a parent. So the first step lies with you.

I would also ask you to stop writing for the corporate execs at Hasbro, but sadly, we live in a society were mass-reaching entertainment is driven by profit, and good content and profit do not always coincide as far as business folks are concerned. So do what you can.

Just write for the kids. Write for the kids who need to learn that Good does NOT mean Dumb, that the "gender boxes" are far larger and overlaping than what past generations would like us to think, that there are many, many ways to be a girl, and that none need be held as "better" than any other. Because in a society where the sexist undermining of the importance and respectability of women in comparison to men is still prevalent, we need works like this to drive such rotten, old-fashioned notions out.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a show for little girls. Please, make it the show they deserve, AND need. Lord knows this comic probably isn't.

Thank you.

* * *

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro, Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: and assistants.

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this comic is simply well drawn and told very well and very moving

How did you know of this? What brought this story to you? How is it possible?

ShadedIceDraconics's avatar

I gotta say I was looking for this comic for awhile now because I remember reading it before but then losing track of it completely. I am so happy I found it again and finished it now! It is such a lovely story and so interesting and very well written. I love it! Keep up the amazing work!

I praise you for the Celestia smack down! I always knew that pony needed to be brought down a peg. I love how you acknowledged no character was perfect, that lfaws are part of who you are, but can be overcome. Excellent moral.

I loved how you used a wolf, a predator, as a good guy. And acknowledged "I am a predator and could eat you". I'd love to see more of Nat's world.

Life-AmIRight's avatar

I finished this entire comic in one day and I have learned and felt more from this than anywhere ever.

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It's gem comics and stories like these why I like mlp. Though I no longer watch the show and don't really have any urge to, I love seeing how people can take these wonderful characters and bring out a side of them the show couldn't dream of. There are very few shows and fandoms that can do that, and even though a lot of the mlp fanbase, or most, if not all fanbases are somewhat toxic, it makes me happy knowing that people can interpret anything, from live action movies for adults to a cartoon for young children, into whatever they see fit, and that can lead to some beautiful things.
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Man, going back to this since I was in middle school. Still finished this in 2 days only during this self quarantine in house. That would be interesting if there was a story after this and based on Arofa Nahmat and more of her world or her universe. Man anyone hurt reading this comic this March 2020?

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Here have my one Fave to give. It's been a good read.

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That was amazing this is going on my top ten list
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I sincerely wish I could have seen this animated. If this were a cartoon series, even if not an 'official' cartoon, I would watch it!
This was amazing, and while I personally enjoyed seeing Twilight transformed into an alicorn and the shenanigans of adapting to suddenly having wings, I genuinely loved how you handled her character. How you handled all the characters.
I cried, reading this, and maybe that's not saying much since I'm naturally emotional, but it's the mark of a great story.
You made me feel real emotions for fictional characters, and that's not easy to do. All I can say in response is thank you. Thank you for this story. 
Thank you for making me feel, for making my heart race, for making me cry tears of both sorrow and joy, for making me smile and making me angry. 
Thank you for pouring your heart into this work, for taking the time and committing the effort to share this all with me. For spending a part of your life on behalf of us, your audience.
Thank you, for an adventure I couldn't have had without you.
that was a really good comic
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*sniff* im so crying for this comic so beautiful:iconlyracryingplz: 
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This is beautiful.
Dragonqueens's avatar
third time reading this story, still amazing and I aman houer late for bed XD
Chryso-Craiger's avatar
this is my 5th, after about 2 years of reading it the 4th time, is one of my favorite stories ever, standing up there with Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and Eragon, truly awesome
Dragonqueens's avatar
yeah its really nice :D
Total-Lunar-Eclipse's avatar
MikosLT's avatar
This is so beautiful ahhh ;-;
Pantherclaw1's avatar
I love this so much! I would totally see a second part where nat comes back.
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All I have to say is that this is a masterpiece! :D

I read the whole comic, all the 136 pages in one night. I still can't believe I did read such amount of pages. I swear it didn't feel like I spent a long time reading. I was so into it, that time flew without me noticing it.

Really, this is worth reading comic. The plot, the art, the dialogs. Everything was well handled. I congratulate you for such amazing work :)

It's has been a long time since a reading caught my attention so deep like your comic did n.n

About your final statement here, I cannot be more proud of those words you said. Your level of maturity, the level you have to talk with your heart and not with your is very high. It is something only a few can achieve, and not because those few are special persons, but because the rest of the world doesn't realize the real potential, the real nature we human beings have to make this world a better place.

I'm almost 40 years old and yet, this series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic came to me in a moment in which I was just living for myself, I rarely cared about anything else. I was a mean person mind you, but I do admit I was kinda selfish a lot of times.

This series helped me in more ways than one. I met some amazing friends (some of them I got to meet them in person), I opened myself to more things. I discovered things about me I didn't know I could do.

Reading your words here, made me realize how much this series helped me to see a new perspective of my own life. I think it was no coincidence My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship did born. While it was just Hasbro's idea to help the Toyline to sell, Lauren Faust went beyond that and created someting that had such big impact not even in her wildest dreams she thought it would have.

I think that's the reason why it feels now like they're writing it for the fans. The attention the series got went beyond the main target it was aimed at, and now Hasbro has a bigger responsability, but then again as the saying goes, it is impossible to keep everyone happy. I agree they should write for the kids, but then again since the beginning the series wasn't like their previous generations in which all was all colours and flowers and happiness most of the times. In this current generation of My Little Pony they went on a different approach a very different I might add and take it from me since I know My Little Pony since Generation 1 :3

And I'm glad because I can say I learned a lot from it. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic may be a show for little girls, but at the same time it helped some of us adults to realize we can do even much more than what we think is our limits :)

So guess it wouldn't be just write for the kids, but write for the kids and adults (not adult situations of course lol). Write for all of us to keep learning through those lessons the characters share with us :)

If some of this doesn't makes much sense, I apologize. It is almost 5am here at the time I'm writing this, so maybe a few things may not connect one with the other, which I hope is not the case :)
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Very Nice work, and although I respect your decision to leave this as it is, I think it would be worth making another story about Nahmat, or perhaps the reformed Celestia. Your story adds something to the mythos of Equestria, and is delightfully dark without going into grimdark sort of territory (although I have enjoyed another comic that is closer to that) but it really brings forth that Celestia for all her age and wisdom is not perfect, and the good teachers I have met in the real world are not only teaching but learning as well, which you show nicely and your art stays true to the show and adds to it as well. I first started looking at MLP about a month ago, I started with the comic books because the covers looked interesting, and that moved me onto watching Friendship is Magic, I have seen all the episodes up to date, and I watch it because it has messages that can pertain to people of any age or gender, I mean sure if you want to boil it down to the core message, then yes, this could be seen as another "play nice" sort of show, but I feel that it does more than the usual toddler fodder that so many kids shows (not all mind you) fall into, where the good guys always win and are home before dinner time with nary a scratch. Granted, the show is often silly and contrived as far as the circumstances surrounding the messages, but I am the sort who is easily entertained and not afraid to admit it, and frankly, given what's going on in the Real world lately, laughing at the antics of colorful ponies while learning lessons seems the better alternative. I want to believe that the writers and artists who are behind the show are often frustrated by the corporate and marketing giants looming over them, but who's to say? I will finish this lengthy comment up with a quote I got from an art book about MLP by some of the artists themselves, one of the key reasons they liked the show is that it didn't talk down to the audience, but rather to them. I may not consider myself a brony, but I am and for the foreseeable future will be a fan of My Little Pony. 
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Several years ago, I started reading this comic because I was interested in the art style. Eventually, I drifted away from it and moved on to other things. At some point I forgot about it completely. A few days ago, I'd just gotten my internet service back after spending a long time (I can't even recall how long) off the grid for financial reasons. After rummaging around through my old internet haunts, I stumbled across this again. After finally reading this all the way through, I can truly say that this is among the best things this fandom has produced.
I'm not about to geek out over this, and if I do, it won't be about the usual fandom crap. I'm not head-over-heels for this comic because it's dark. Nor because it centers around Celestia and Luna (though that is a nice change of pace).
It's because it makes you think; Think about the true nature of friendship, about the world around us, and about what it's like to hear something that's painfully true.
I must admit, it saddens me to read the comments section and only see things like "OMG LUNA" or "it needs to be darker."
I don't mean to be condescending, but I don't think you're seeing the big picture, which is ironic, as that's one of the prevailing themes of this story.
But my griping aside, I consider this a true masterpiece. It doesn't need a sequel, or a spin-off, or anything (except maybe a couple of grammar checks). It's amazing the way it is.
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