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Right now I'm making a couple of scenes/models, but only the 3d model. Later on, I will continue practicing, but texturing these models. And at last I will practice my renders, with the same models.

My goal is to finish them all (with good quality) by the end of this year. I'm still learning so I'll be going kinda slow.

So let's hope I can finish them and we'll see how it goes and how much I've improved, cause I still got some cool models on mind.
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I finally finsihed my IP for the GUI Championships, here it is...

GUI Champs entry:

Here at DA

PNG Pack:…
Apps Icons:…

Maybe I'll make a cursor to match, we'll see :)

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Hey! well I just wanted to show everyone my first cursor suite, and you can see it over at

Here's the preview...…

I hope you all like it!! :D
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