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January 26, 2009
Crisp, colored and warm… Christophe Freyssac by ~arnopaul is one of two photos from this artist that makes me feel like we are being welcome to enter in a dream-like world. A world of music.
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Christophe Freyssac

Photo pour la promo de Christophe Freyssac.
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Cirius34's avatar
vraiment simpa j'aime beaucoup ce theme
vladivanovic's avatar
fantastic shot! may I ask, we're you using external lighting like a softbox for this shot or just natural sunlight? :)
arnopaul's avatar
Thanks ! Just naturel sunlight !
TazmanianTage's avatar
yuliantoNugroho's avatar
GOod sky.............
and good shot..hahaha
midenian-lostie's avatar
Really cool picture. :D
lancerdrake's avatar
Astig. Breathtaking! Ayos to
pfk's avatar
Beautiful shot!
jazzyhue's avatar
nice. i see jason mraz in this pic.. :)
susieloves's avatar
This just looks like a classic old photo, I love it.
h0ii's avatar
The clarity of the subject is fantastic. Colors really pop. Great job bordering it.
J-Bob's avatar
For some reason, I REALLY like it! :)
Neolin91's avatar
C'est tellement beau que je ne peut pas vraiement le dire en mots. Magnifique.

Et comme son guitar est formidable! Je l'en veut!
MarchHair9009's avatar
it reminds me of Jason Mraz I'm yours :D
zoeolesh's avatar
this is really good!
Michi-sama's avatar
c'est superbe! J'aime l'aire de confiance. :heart:
ArtyAnna's avatar
what a beautiful sky :love:
arnopaul's avatar
Thank you very much !!!

Listen to Christophe Freyssac here :

And take a look at my other photographs here :
dbpix's avatar
Great contrast! Great photo.
whatauniqename's avatar
I don't speak french, and I do not wish to use some bad internet translator, but here goes.

I love the shot, I also love how the sky, although beautiful, is dark and does not draw your eyes away from the main image of Christophe playing his guitar.

You also got me interested in him, and I have to thank you for it, He is a great musician.
KellBell92's avatar
Interesting, I believe I like it :)
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