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Undead Arctic Creature

This is a drawing done for's weekly creature challege: COW
The topic was Undead Arctic creature!
makes me think of Warcraft... but this monkey came out instead keke
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Undead Rajang ! *run away*
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Amazing!!! It has a creepy glow from it's insides! :D (Big Grin) 
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Look like a dead gorilla , so maybe we can say it's an Arctic Monkey 
Well done by the way, really badass 
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how. do . you. color. like. this??????? TT^TT it's so good......
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Gorgeous texture and concept ! Ok hi I'm a fan :D
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I bet he'd kick that pesky Wendigo's ass anyday. Happy Halloween too.
I like your demon hamster.
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This is 100% copy of zoonoid, from "Guyver - The biobusted armor" japan series =)
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incredible work
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ITS A WINDNGO!!!! run for the hills or it'll eat ya!
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Holy --! You're right! It really looks like something from Warcraft! It'd be awesome if they actually included this in the game. :dummy:
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OOOOOO my I love it!!! Its so detailed!!!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
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Lovely drawing. What was used to make the background? I like the texture a lot.
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wow, dude, It`s a giant monkey!! I likey! :3[link]
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The Abominable Snowman got Zombified!
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this is sick. what program you use? and just wow
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brilliant- nice style
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I love the concept to this creature! Awesome!
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Looks like an undead yeti made of those living ones in northrend. Awesome!
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