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Street Fighter IV 4 Cover

Cover #4 for the Street Fighter IV Miniseries
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Battle of the awesomes!
SkillzSpeedMaestro's avatar
Hey do you have Street Fighter IV on PS3?
trilliondollerman's avatar
Given Akuma's rep, he'd probably kill him.
SataroYagami's avatar
I love this picture and the style.
Bolgor's avatar
A really incredibly well done painting. You're very good, I love it.
Calbak's avatar
How did you do the inf and smoke effect? Was it a post drawing effect or you drew it?

It's amazing, man
xroyxfirex's avatar
its Photoshoped smoke
daddyX91's avatar
Sikk!!! We all know who the winner is... Akuma... The Satsuynohado or something...
wxdtf's avatar
I love this style of painting.
Nightphoenix2's avatar
Looks like Akuma vs Kratos
if that was the case then it would've been an even battle.
Runday's avatar
its awesome dude >< but the angel of seth's head looks will be perfect when they stare each other
Tony-345's avatar
TomBadguy's avatar
Absolutely brilliant.
PotemkinBuster's avatar
This is the level that I want to reach T_T
S3tplaya's avatar
we can almost see this image moving... is just amazing... congratz...
Darredos's avatar
pwoah tough as.
2 Gods battling the crap out of each other.
rz1dog's avatar
in the manga Akuma kicked his ass in two pages
Raskolnikov2007's avatar
rz1dog's avatar
hahaha bawl shit
Raskolnikov2007's avatar
No, he is. I kicked his ass so hard, and he cried like a baby.
rz1dog's avatar
I make lulz at you
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