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Overwatch Lineup

I'm super excited after all these years to have some art that I can share with everyone. Overwatch is a blast, and we're just getting started!
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Holy Craft this is freaking awesome!!!
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This is nuts. Years ago I saw your APB artwork, and I didn't even know enough english at the time to understand that they were illustrations for a game. I stared at your drawings of girls for a long time, studying them.
Years later, Overwatch is a huge influence and inspiration, and turns out you're the one responsible for this iconic illustration. What a trip!
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Omg, I had no idea you're Arnold Tsang! I followed you years ago for your One Piece Fanart haha. Your art style is great!
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Wait, you're the one who made this?!
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I have a poster that looks almost exactly like this...
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Am I the only one who knows everyone in the picture but never played Overwatch before?
QantumQ's avatar
no dont you're gonna regret it
Hyenax's avatar
Never played Overwatch? What are you doing? Go play it!! :D
ViciousMassMurder's avatar
Such an amazing amount of personality on this one.
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The biggest thing in gaming history sense Mario.
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This is amazing  love Overwatch.
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That's one bad ass collage! Nicely done!
GhostmanDeviantart's avatar
What tutorial do you think gave you the ability to draw this well?
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wait ive seen this art on a package the game came in. do you know about this?
Elowly's avatar
he works for blizzard 
MoMoNokee's avatar
okay i found out a bit later after i uploaded the comment
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thank you for everything:)
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Where's soldier:76 :'(
Moonsrone123's avatar
Where is
FreddyVenturianBear's avatar
il'l haves you know "(you"); ov'erwatch is nt as good as tf2 (Wild Animal Racing) and is for shit! shout out to my boy SnivyPootis for giving me a chance in life and showing me that overwatch sucks and exposing Almir_Listoincoming meme incoming meme incoming meme incoming meme incoming meme  I didnt die for thsi
hironoshi's avatar
Xbox one released a new feature to the xbox community. To those of us in the update beta part of xbox live called Xbox Preview program we have early access to this feature we are creating clubs and trying to make our club stand out. I would like permission to use this image or any lineup image you create/recommend as the image for the club background. Please let me know what you think. We are going as far as creating a dedicated youtube page and could use good backdrop art for that as well if you are ok with that. Here is to hoping that you are interested in allowing this.
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