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One Piece Fanart - Colored

(EDIT: ah. this was in teh wrong section before... now it should be right)

Holy crap i'm finally done!
took my ass long enough.. thats what happens when you watch family guy while you CG -_-;

colored in Photoshop using some brush called: Watercolor Loaded Wet Flat Tip o_o it's one of the default PS brushes... or maybe you have to load it from the Assorted Brushes thing.. i don't remember -_-; its the same one i used to do the darkstalkers cover ^^

kamjatang is my favourite korean food ^^

and chamisul.. well... that stuff is just evil

ooh.. btw.. that hand pouring the chamisul is Robin's.. she sprouts hands

and remember to check out: [CROC WORKS]
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Zoro with studs bracelets he fills me with serotonin :+fav:

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Even if i am not such a huge One Peice fan, ...this here is just very good, so i have to fave it of course :)
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found this image in a wallpaper dump, spent some time hunting down the original source and now im here...keep up the good work, this is amazing!!
OMG. SEnd this to the creator. Oda, isn't it? He has to see it.
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Nice Man keep it up :D
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I've had this as a wallpaper for as long as I can remember, I would've never thought it was fanart. I really thought this was made by artists from Toei, I'm surprised to find it here.
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Very nice! Gotta love this one...

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....the beer is korea beer ..........No! I want it!!
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nice work. I love the colours and your drawing. its awesome. 
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Wow this is amazing you are a talented artist keep it up!
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OMG !!! I love this art work ! Great job
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I really love this one <3
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woahhhhhhh so good!
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A very very old image :°(
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not complete ... its members are less brook. but this picture is so interesting
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this is from 2006, brook's debut was in jan. 2007, he probably still wasn't part of the crew at the time
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Please, made another art with the actual crew.
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Can anyone tell me where they watch one piece? I want to try it out!
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Great Job. Im looking for IU on chamisul bottle, ehehe but its  from 2006 that's why.
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This korean actor
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onepiece ^^ great
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