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October 23, 2012
APB Sofia by ~arnistotle
Featured by WillowXD
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APB Sofia

Sofia from APB

Rough Lineart Here
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Just wanted to let you know that I've looked up this image for years. I love it so much. This promo art alone got me to try APB.
LoliDSoliD's avatar
I like that belt :)
Kapariface's avatar
Wooow this is amazing! Nice shoes man! hahaha keep going wanna see more! This is inspiring!
DavyWagnarok's avatar
Whoo! This is one of the hottest animated women I have ever laid eyes on.
xaponeis's avatar
Very nice character. I just find you now, didn't know who did the art, cause I'm painting this girl with color pencil, when I finish it I'll put the credit for the character ;)
troika1138's avatar
This image is one of the reasons I played APB.
This Kit changed all my life
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I got an APB Reloaded shirt from E3 2011, is this the same APB? I remember seeing this picture some years ago and I loved it ever since but never knew from where it was from... I finally found it! :D Love it!
FisherFranky's avatar
They don't make rock stars like that these days.
TheDLT4YOU's avatar
Sweet and dangerous I like
TheRainyDays's avatar
I wish I have at least 10% of your talent...
moloko's avatar
Great textures. So detailed.
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PetBuc's avatar
I love your style, great.
Spark12222's avatar
Wow. Awesome sauce! Liking the boots and the cape
Hanoko's avatar
Those hips oO
IxisNyx's avatar
It "ALMOST"makes me want to dye my jet black hair blond....almost...
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magion02's avatar
One piece Don Flamingo's Girlfriend? haha
Draekonus's avatar
More like a Fem!Coyote Starrk.
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