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APB La Rocha

One of the main Enforcement Contacts in APB. The gun from the back view is just a touched up photo hehe
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Only to clear the thing about Brazil.
It's not only because of the name, it's also because of the flag in his pants, near the right pocket.
Brasil aeee porra \o/

muito foda seus desenhos, realmente absurdos!!
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Cool Brazil XD
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He looks exactly like Josh from Keys to the Vip
Altimeter's avatar
I meant Chris, from keys to the vip...
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parabéns! seu trabalho é muito legal!
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"La" is spanish not portuguese... But great design anyways
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APB.?.?.. what is this enforcment group you speak of
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Excelent artwork man!
Cool character. Nicely done.

My only comment is about the name. Of course I am being annoyingly overly concerned with insignificant details, but, for the sake of curiosity only, this name is not "brazilian". Its a spanish name while brazilians have portuguese names. Its like calling a chinese person with a japanese name. Anyway... as I said, useless details.
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I had to reply to what you said on Brazilian names, sorry about this...

Well I'm not sure where you're from sir, but Brazil is a country which people from all over the globe also immigrated after the Portuguese "invasion" and early after the declaration of independence...So we got names of all kinds here :D

Sorry about the late response again.I hope I'm not bothering ya doing so.
overdrivezero's avatar
Thanks for the reply. I very happy by the fact that my comment draw your attention. There is no problem at all for the time. I totally understand.
I don't wanna change the focus of your artwork, which is by the way absolutely amazing.

Still for the sake of fun, I'll add some information just to make my point clearer.
I am from Brazil. Indeed, you are absolutely right, there are many of people from every corner of the world here. It wouldn't be impossible to find someone named De La Rocha here, but it touches in the most normal misconception about Brazil we whine about. That people here speak Spanish and are from Spanish background. Of course this is just a silly detail no one but us care about, but like a Japanese that don't like to be called "Chinaman", just because the look alike, we Brazilian have a pride issue that we are Portuguese, not "Latino" as the Mexican stereotypical guy.
Its kinda like don't caring about the difference between Chinese and Japanese people. Like naming an Chinese character as Akira Watanabe. It would be possible, but very unlikely. And certainly not an "average" name for a character from there. As if Specially if it would be very normal to ignore the differences between them. You got my point?
Anyway, AWESOME art. Very inspirational.
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This is Thermal scope or nightvision?
Munchenhausen's avatar
Looks like a thermal
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Nice character layout!!!
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bad ass work! reminds me of the game Infinity.
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Awesome style!!! Very nice, but.... "De La Rocha" isn't a common brazilian name
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I always have a hard time with wrinkles and folds. Have any useful words of advise?
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your colouring skills rock my socks off.
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I have to admit... that's one attractive badass.
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