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APB Aces

I'm slowly running out of these o_o
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WOW! Awesome details!
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Incredible workz my playa :).
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(awesome) heh
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Her hair is awesome! Ok, well everything about her is awesome, but I want hair like that!
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The detail you put into these outfits is incredible. I'm following you. Just saying.
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Intense Detailing Dude! This is amazing :D
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It's veri cool¡
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Love the pins and the little ghost charm!
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Dude you're style of inspiration for these type of designs are top notch!!
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I absolutely love your work arnitotle. are you still doing any work for APB now that it's with Gamersfirst? becuase I would love to see more of you influence in the up comming releases like 'asylum'. pluss i really want to see some of the characters that weren't used like 'Aces' here.
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love the gun !!!!!!
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The Iori kneebelts!
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The best of yours! Interesting fashion combination. Well done!
Hi Anistotle

I was just wondering if i could get permission from u to have this and the piece done of Sofia, done as tattoos......Huge apb fan :)

Thanks......(excellent art too Keep up the good work)
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