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Windwater-Pack rough animation by ArnaTornwolf Windwater-Pack rough animation :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 63 11 Winter wolf Icon by ArnaTornwolf Winter wolf Icon :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 35 0 Summer Wolf Icon by ArnaTornwolf Summer Wolf Icon :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 26 2 Study for Dragon Skeleton by ArnaTornwolf Study for Dragon Skeleton :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 86 6 Turning Dragon by ArnaTornwolf Turning Dragon :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 18 0 BG Stock 25 - Sunset Waterside by ArnaTornwolf BG Stock 25 - Sunset Waterside :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 4 1 BG Stock 24 - EnclosedByConifers by ArnaTornwolf BG Stock 24 - EnclosedByConifers :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 46 4 BG Stock 23 - Thundercloud by ArnaTornwolf BG Stock 23 - Thundercloud :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 9 0 BG Stock 22 - Thicket Footpath by ArnaTornwolf BG Stock 22 - Thicket Footpath :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 26 2 Golden Eagle Front by ArnaTornwolf Golden Eagle Front :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 147 1 Golden Eagle Side by ArnaTornwolf Golden Eagle Side :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 133 8 Harmonization by ArnaTornwolf Harmonization :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 71 12 Motion Reference 03 by ArnaTornwolf Motion Reference 03 :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 1,664 38 a Pair of Cockatiels by ArnaTornwolf a Pair of Cockatiels :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 158 28 Glint in the Ethereal by ArnaTornwolf Glint in the Ethereal :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 85 1 Howler in the Morn by ArnaTornwolf Howler in the Morn :iconarnatornwolf:ArnaTornwolf 126 8
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I hate hot season
I have terrible experience now.
:iconsparkpenguin: is slandering me.
When you hear rumors about me with no proof, Please check the truth before believing it.

I'll comment some supplementary things here.…

Now dA also seems to judging me guilty without evidence. Also never tell the reason. At least I've never stolen these textures.
This is not stolen thing by ArnaTornwolf

-Description of following is intact old .

I was suspected as a thief suddenly.
Her proof was I didn't comment on description 'all of works had done by me'.
I consider that it is enough as a reason for criticizing her, even if it was only reason.
Naturally I protested against her opinion. Then, she increased the false charge further.
Those all don't have evidence.
I felt she might be a kind of psychiatric disorder.
Her first comment was only asking about creating process. So I answered to it honestly.
However, that my answer was rewritten in her memory after she begin to slander.
Seems that she cannot distinguish delusion and reality.
So she can slander others endless for unbelievable reason.
Because she did not show evidence about any false accusations at all, I could speak only about how she was abnormal.
Surely, she only talking about her delusion not truth.
But It's not easy to show the proof which denies her endless slander even I know truth.

I'm not sure these can be proof of my first answer was right.
I answered about working process first, and she was claiming, at latest comment I uploaded photograph in the disguise of painting.

I uploaded this a day before her target art, because I was likely to be frustrated at that time to finish the process of the body.
Dinah's Face by ArnaTornwolf target-> Dinah the Smilodon by ArnaTornwolf
The reason was only it, but this process must be strange when she was right.
Additionally, seems to not good at anatomy at that time.
And I can easily make such transparency image, because I made it as layered file.
Don't fav this by ArnaTornwolf
Surely, I used many textures of photo. (I told about it at first answer.)
If this is treated as a photograph for the reason of only that, this dragon will also be a photograph.

I put photo textures on whole of their body at the middle point of working.
And lots of my other arts, too.
Although these are prepared for other purpose, samples of the stage before shading and texture.
progress by ArnaTornwolf -> Lupine Combat by ArnaTornwolf
progress 2 by ArnaTornwolf -> Discipline of Magi by ArnaTornwolf
Sorry, I didn't refresh information for long time.

-Current States-
Trade: Closed
Request: Closed
Commission: Closed

-Jan 31, 2012-
All closed
-Nov 22, 2011-
Trade was almost closed for some reasons.
I am still sick, and hard to communicate with many people.
(Even usual comment responses delayed, very sorry)
My recent art style takes countless hours, I need more time for my own creations.
Still wanna keep trade if I could. But recent trades were too many.
I have no idea about future, yet.
Just thinking about solution. And should train cartoon drawing.
If you are detailed painting(like mine) artist, probably able to trade.
And, still taking my friend's trade and request.

Commission's details have not been decided, yet.
Send me note with detailed description.
Don't give subscription before negotiation end.

Recent Done or Waiting List.

:icongarbitsch: - at Stathis's Office by ArnaTornwolf

:iconyackno: - Feral One Mechanized by ArnaTornwolf

:icondark-okami-007: - Crescent Howler by ArnaTornwolf

:iconwrath1017: - Olive Eyes by ArnaTornwolf

:icontipsydigital: -   Lupine Combat by ArnaTornwolf  wip progress by ArnaTornwolf

:iconsedillio: - Brand-new Snow Coverage by ArnaTornwolf

:iconsulfide: - Cynic by ArnaTornwolf

:icondalkur:  - Discipline of Magi by ArnaTornwolf wip progress 2 by ArnaTornwolf

brain23 - Waiting for response.


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Can-Cat Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Wonderful gallery. :nod:
You're right- Hate the heat.
Try to Stay Frosty. Cool Emoticon 
Andorada Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
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                          Thank you for joining

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Dark-Arctic-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Student Photographer
I hope beauty chases you while you chase it, and that wonder and majesty leave your quest for glory very successful.  
I hope you find many fun things to do, many wonderful sights to see, and many extraordinary people with whom to interact in positive ways.  
May the unexpected always turn out to be good.  
I hope this year is one of successful efforts to improve, new friendships made, old friendships renewed, and may you and those you love have a wonderful ride together around the sun in the year beginning with this day - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR! by Dark-Arctic-Fox  
ArnaTornwolf Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
Kinda difficult for foreigner like me. But thank you.
Dark-Arctic-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student Photographer
You're welcome!  :hug:
I'm foreigner too :P
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