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[TWWM] Guest Artist [FCFS] CLOSED- Thank you!!

I got the chance to do this again and I still lovemaking esks so much even though I am terrible with being on time-- (again, i am sorry for any stress mods!!) BUT i just LOVE how these guys came out and I hope you guys all love them just as much <333 A is my personal favorite ToT//

Please comment to claim!

These are first come, first serve!
Each esk is on a sliding scale from $65-$85 USD, which means you can pay any amount in that range for the one you claim!

origin traveler . nature devoted . boundary garden . size pudgy
species esk . collection guest artist . designer Armota 

uncommon bold markings, socks, spots, false ears, claws, dark mask
rare traits bright eyes, flexible tail
nature features wood sorrel (oxalis stricta)

sprout plant emoticon 

origin traveler . nature warm . boundary tropical sandbar . size plump
species esk . collection guest artist . designer Armota 

uncommon bold markings, spots, mid-tone eyes, claws, false ears
rare traits unusual coverage
nature features sea grapes (caulerpa racemosa), mangrove tree (rhizophora mucronata)

morph ocean

sprout plant emoticon 

origin trespasser . nature meticulous . boundary river side . size tall
species esk . collection guest artist . designer Armota 

uncommon socks, flecks, false ears, unique markings
rare traits bright eyes, glowing markings
nature features broccoli (brassica oleracea)

sprout plant emoticon 

origin trespasser . nature artistic . boundary coastal hideaway . size stout
species esk . collection guest artist . designer Armota 

uncommon false ears, spurs, claws, mid-tone eyes, spots, eyespots, bold markings
rare traits piebald
nature features basalt rock columns, iceland poppy (papaver nudicaule)

morph rock

sprout plant emoticon 

• Payment via Paypal in USD. I will be sending out an invoice.
• Payment must be received within 48 hours of invoice sent.
• Please offer responsibly; backing out on a sale will inflict a temporary ban on future TWWM sales and raffles.
• These esk can only be resold for the original purchase price. You may add to the price only for artwork you have commissioned.

Esk are a closed species created by witherlings!
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Teknogeddon's avatar

I'll claim A, and you can't stop me

Armota's avatar

PLEASE!!! You got A you beetch! I will invoice you in a bit <3

Teknogeddon's avatar

its a mini decker, I'll name it Hecker.

Teknogeddon's avatar

quick, whats the opposite of a double decker bus? A smart car?

Keen-Bean's avatar

A lunch box, AKA a Prius

Teknogeddon's avatar

Heck it could be a hot wheels

airrling's avatar

may i grab C? ;w;

Armota's avatar

You got C! Ill note you in a bit for invoice information <3

Keen-Bean's avatar

d please! i can't resist!

Armota's avatar

You got D! Ill note you in a bit for invoice information <3

pzreich24's avatar

Can I claim B?

Armota's avatar

Im sorry, but you missed B ToT// Thank you for the interest though, it means a lot to me;;;

DearCervid's avatar

b pleaae!

Armota's avatar

You got B! Ill note you in a bit for invoice information <3

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