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Wrecked Mech Lettr by ARMORMAN Wrecked Mech Lettr by ARMORMAN
Circa 1987 - just out of college - Splash page pitch for issue 2 of Wonder Comics "Terraformers." The story followed a 3 or 4 person terraforming team who used large mecha to terraform planets. If I recall correctly, they each had a special ability linked to the primary elements (earth, wind, fire, and water). The main character's mecha was re-purposed military. The story followed them as they found some information that led them afoul of the military industrial complex and military mechs were sent to hunt them down. The end of the first issue left our hero robot laying on the ground with it's arm blasted and a cannon from a military mech pointed in it's face.

I proposed to pick up the story post-battle and tell it in flashback, fleshing out the characters and current political climate with conversation and data being delivered in bits "now."

I hate muscle armor - that is, mecha and suits of armor that look like a body builder augmented with gauntlets, boots, armored jock straps, weird helmets, backpacks, and weird mechanical bits. So I had proposed to show all the hero mechs pretty much trashed and needing major overhauls so I could rip of the ridiculous armor and give them a more cool, believable mechanical design (I couldn't even bring myself to make the undamaged parts of the mech in my drawing seamless muscle of the original because I hated it so much).

My idea was shot down and the series was cancelled after issue 2.

I was able to find a copy of the cover art for issue 1 so you could see the original design here:…

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