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“Chasm” pencil on illustration board 39” x 28”


This work was inspired by the ruins of an old farm, left to the elements a chasm filled with old ghosts decaying by the new highway that cuts the land in half. It’s also about my son who at thirteen has no idea what this meant, insulated in his video-unreality not understanding, grasping or caring about the past makes for a future that is very precarious. Yet I got him together with the old woman who had lived there, she awoke the “old soul” in him and forever erased the chasm of eighty years between them. It’s a narrative work that’s not illustrative, it will stay somewhat mysterious to the viewer and start up their imagination that’s all I am aiming for.

Armin Mersmann
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524x727px 153.4 KB
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10/2000 second
Focal Length
55 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 13, 2009, 3:19:08 PM
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DorysStoriesHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so beautiful
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Wow... I don`t even know what to say... Unique idea, impressive skills... Great inspiration... Wow...
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You've probably answered this before, forgive the repeat.  What brand  and texture of illustration board do you use?   I appreciate that your work expresses your feelings, life, experiences, thoughts, etc.   That is what draws me in and keeps me looking and becoming a part of it.  It is not just a technical exercise of movie posters or such.
Great art stirs the soul and causes the viewer to take a journey.  Hopefully that journey will stay with the person for a long time.  As artists we share our human experiences and deep emotions if we are open to communicate ourselves.  Thank you.
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ShelbyNicholsArtProfessional Traditional Artist
I love this.  You give me constant inspiration to keep going.  I love the texture of the two images against sky and the dark bleakness of the trees behind.  Beautiful, just beautiful!
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Weren't it called New Moon, Old Souls? Or am I just having a dumb moment here? lol, anyways, amazing. Your pencil eyes are some of the best I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work!
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arminmersmannProfessional Traditional Artist
it was and then i changed it at the last moment, i don't remember why
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master...... teaches me *---*
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arminmersmannProfessional Traditional Artist
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lookhappyProfessional General Artist
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acIrmoHobbyist Traditional Artist
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arminmersmannProfessional Traditional Artist
thanks :)
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arminmersmannProfessional Traditional Artist
thank you
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stunning work, Im very glad to have seen this piece
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ernest21Hobbyist Traditional Artist
really cool
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I saw this when you had your exhibit up in Fremont, Michigan (in the Arts Place), along with many of your other works. I must thank you for encouraging me to continue working with Pencil/Graphite, which I had previously shyed away from!
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arminmersmannProfessional Traditional Artist
you are very welcome, graphite inst dead after-all

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Composition is so solid, and the texture gradients/variations give this piece have great depth. Nice title as well.
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Without wishing to be daring in the least. When I am a rich person, I pay for any of these work and I will have with me the gold of Christopher Columbus. Well ... Indian gold lol.
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CristinaC75Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ma come fai?????
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blanket86Professional Traditional Artist
It's amazing!Congratulations
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It remind me of Kulhanek , fine technique!
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Don't know if it's more beautiful the concept or the drawing...this is pure genius! :clap:
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