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Republic German Austria 1918

By Arminius1871
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German Austria by Arminius1871


After the central powers lost the first world war, the austrian deputies decided to create the new republic
of German Austria, a state that would contain all german-speaking regions of Austria-Hungary close to the
heartland of the german Austria.
They did also decide in a law, that it shall be united with the German Empire as soon as possible,
only two deputies voted no, the rest yes.

But the victorious allied powers decided not to accept the free will of the Austrians. In the treaty of Saint Germain
they were forced to give huge chunks of german regions to new constructed states, the unification with the rest
of the Germans was forbidden, too, tho referendums in the whole country clearly showed, they wanted to be
Germans in a new democratic Germany.

The allied powers however had no interest in right and freedom, but to damage the two german states as much
as possible.

This map shows how it would´ve looked like.


This map shall not offend anyone, the text neither, it´s surely not against any people of these states,
it´s against the governments of that time in those countries.
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I just noticed Bratislava is there. Was it really that german or was it just Vienna trying to conserve some extra landa?
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1850 75% of the residents were Germans. Then a magyarifying process started and 1890 only 60% were Germans.
1919 when Czechoslovakia was formed there were 36% Germans. And after the world war it became below 1%.
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But were they ethnic germans or just german-speaking? 
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Ethnic Germans. I have a good overview for you:
  Germans in Eastern Europe map by Arminius1871
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Thanks a lot. Really interesting stuff. Were germans from Pressburg expelled after WW1 or did they leave on their own accord? (P.D. Sorry if I'm bothering you with my bullshit, by the way xD)
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It´s all fine you can ask as much as u want^^

There was no official expulsion like after 1945, but the discrimination began and many left on their own or were bullied so long until they left. In some cases they were forced tho. For example the Germans from Marburg which was in the newly formed Yugoslavia (later Slovenia), they had no choice and many others.

But don´t worry it´s not like I would hate thos nations or people today, I only hate the persons that did it back then. Especially as a German I think it´s pathetic to hate people for a past, where they weren´t even born.
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Great work on the map!  I was wondering if you had a 'clean' version with just the map itself, no text or effects, and maybe one with a terrain overlay.

I'm working on a listing of all the cities, towns, and villages in Teschen, Sudetenland, and Deutsch-Böhmen, so something like that would be very helpful (and I'd share the file with you if you'd like).
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Thanks man!

Ah I had no topographic map sadly, this is the reference:…………

I hope I could help u a little with that links?
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Richtig gut gemacht, mit Sudetenland und Süd-Tirol. Es würde noch schöner sein wenn Österreich ein Hafen bekommt, z.B Triest. Aber das war natürlich ganz unrealistisch weil Triest damals nur ein kleine Deutschsprachige Minderheit hat.

Welche Schriftart haben Sie aber verwendet? Sieht wirklich elegant aus! 

Liebe Grüße aus den Niederlanden. 
Arminius1871's avatar
Vielen Dank für den netten Kommentar!

Das stimmt, Österreich hätte mehr Gebiete verdient, aber wenn sie zumindest
die deutschsprachigen bekommen hätten, wäre es gerecht gewesen.

Mh ich glaube die Schriftart heißt "Edwardian Script", ich finde sie auch sehr edel^^

Schöne Grüße aus dem verschneiten Bayern :)
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Vielleich das es in Süd-Tirol noch einmal ein Volksabstimmung gibt, wie die Schotten im letzten Jahr... Wenn zum Beispiel Katalonien es schafft unabhängig zu werden von Spanien sehe ich auch ( trotzdem kleine) Chancen für die Süd-Tiroler wieder bei Österreich zu gehören. Die andere Gebiete sind natürlich für immer verloren gegangen. Unglaublich schade, aber es ist nicht anders. Wir können nur noch hoffen auf Süd-Tirol. 

Ich habe es gefunden, vielen Dank. Dies kann ich absolut noch verwenden. 

Hier (an die Grenze mit Nordrhein-Westfalen) gab es nur wenig Schnee, leider. 

Schöne Grüße!
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Ich bin ja sowieso froh, dass Südtirol nicht so zerstört wurde wie unsere Ostgebiete,
wenigstens gibt es dort noch Deutsche :/
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I wouldn't say they had no interesting in rights and freedom so much as because it was Austria who they had recently fought and she wanted to merge with German which would strengthen it that they were aginst it, not that it was a valid reason or correct to stop it or anything but looking at it from the victors perspective I can see why they didn't allow it although it's not what I would have done in their position.

I also wouldn't have forced the Sudeten's to live under a different nation against their will, anyone with a brain should have know that the nationalism on both sides that resulted form it would only have lead to trouble. The Entent really fucked up with many of it's decisions, worse they made a lot of them because of pressure from American President Woodrow Wilson.
Arminius1871's avatar
I understand why they did it, I don´t understand why they complain then,
that Hitler could rise, when they made the situation for that rise XD

Well many Germans, especially the democrats hoped 1918 that Wilson will do what he said in the 14 points declaration.
A war without winners and fair ethnical borders with referendums. At the end he did nothing of that and allowed France
to humiliate and disintegrate the whole german nation, with nearly no referendums. And in nearly all parts where they made
referendums, even where not a german majority lived, the people voted for Germany (like in Masuria where mostly Poles live).

Austria did a referendum, too, which the allied did not accept, I think in the region of Salzburg, 99.7% voted for the unification
with Germany. Also the rest of Austria voted in a same way. So the wish to be one nation was destroyed by hate and arrogance.
And now the Austrians think they´re no Germans anymore suddenly, cause in modern times patriotism isn´t important for the people
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Don't take it as criticism, but I just don't think that sudetenland should ever belong to Germany or Austria. It was always the part of Bohemia kingdom in which mostly lived Germans, but historicaly it was always part of czech lands. But it's true that what Beneš and a lots of Czechs did to Germans after world war II is just basically war crime. We basically send 350 000 Germans to "working camps" (which were just like concentration camps) and 24 000 - 40 000 of them were killed and 100 000 were missing. Just horrible... What is even more horrible is that, even today in our schools during History lessons, we don't talk about these things, not that our teachers are trying to hide the truth, but they just don't talk about it and they skip it.
I still wish that we Czechs would create with Austria after Great war some kind of federation... A lots of Czechs would probably agreed with that, because till 1917 we just wanted autonomous territory and lots of Czechs disagree with T. G. Masaryk during the Great war.
But what bothers me till today is the assassination of the Franz Ferdinand d'Este, because he was really about to form a new federal state, which would be (at least from my view) a lot stronger state than Great Britain. And yet some Serbs think that Gavrilo Princip is national hero...
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Hey my friend no problem, when someone is talking and criticizing objectivly,
all is fine ;)

And I thank you a lot for your respect and that you see it as what it was.
I didn´t make this map to offend Czechs or anyone.

I would say, I had no problem with Czechoslovakia, if the Germans were treaten equally,
but it seems there was a big desire among them to join Germany. As some Sudetengermans
told me, it was because Czechs looked down on them 80-90 years ago (not today).

If they would´ve become a real second Switzerland there wouldn´t have been a problem.
But it was the time of nationalism. Also the Germans were mad, and did awful crimes,
also in the czechish lands. And I´m sorry for this, too.

My friend we don´t want the Sudetenland back, today we want friendship and respect
for those who lost their homes. Not more.

This maps I do, it doesn´t mean anything, it´s just entertainment^^

I have been to praha, Budweis (budowicze?) and Usti nad Labem. All were very friendly
and Praha is probably one of the most cities in the world **

I can always respect a good patriot :)
McDrow's avatar
Yes I know you didn't want to offend any Czechs. I was just telling my opinion of whole German-Czech relationship! I definitelly didn't want to accuse you from anything. :) I really respect people like you... Patriotic but also friendly and open-minded.
I really hope that one day all Czechs will realize, what we did wrong after World War II, it's true that more and more Czechs realizes this, but you know there are still a lots of people, who would told you that we Czechs were always just a victims.
Oh yes Praha is really beautiful I find myself very lucky that I was born here and also that I live here. I don't think that I was ever in Budweis (České Budějovice), but as a kid used to go on a kindercamp near the city (countryside). The nature is pretty nice there.
In future I'd love to travel across the Germany, do you have any tips for a nice places to go? 
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There was a guy here on DA from the Czech Rep. he thought it´s great and was necessary
that the Germans die and are expelled he has no compassion for any of them, and then he
raged, blocked me and acts so childish XD
I have ancestors from the Sudetenland. Well maybe some Czechs fear, we want something
from them back and that´s why they don´t wanna see that black time. But noone wants
something from you, it´s all fine no worries XD

But only because there is one ass, I don´t dislike the whole country of course. And I understand
you wanted your nation. I just think we shouldn´t forget the good sides, german history and czechish history
is unthinkable without the other one, since we were members of the same Reich, even when it was no real nation
for so many centuries.

And often bohemian soldiers helped against the threat at the borders, against Turks or Frenchs XD

I will surely visit Czechia again, there is a castle from Karl IV, I always wanted to see it.

Mh if you visit Germany, I can recommend you definitly Bavaria with Munich, and Neuschwanstein,
or Dresden in Saxony ** If u love culture, if you are more a party man, go to Berlin XD

No1re's avatar
You will be quite busy if you decide to visit every castle establisehd by Karel IV.;)
Arminius1871's avatar
Lol I can´t visit all of course, just the most important^^
No1re's avatar
Ive been there yesterday. :-D
 If you get good weather, i recomend this spot for best view:…
Arminius1871's avatar
WTF it´s so close to Praha? I thought it´s far away XD
Meh, and u didn´t invite me, shame you! XD
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Yeah I think I read some of his posts. Well actually I have some ancestors (from mother side) also from Sudetenland, they lived near Olomouc (Olmütz).

Exactly, I always get a little upset when some Czech tell me, that Germans only tried to dominate us or something like this. Because it wasn't always like this. Germans gave us culture and mainly they build a strong industry in our lands during 19. century. It's just shame that most Czechs forgets that without Germans, we couldn't even have our own republic.

Oh you mean Karlštejn (Karlstein) right? Yeah I can only recommend this castle, it's really nice!

Thank you for the tips! :)
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