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Historical Map Tutorial for Photoshop

By Arminius1871
Check out my video tutorial:…

Requested by a lot of people I created a historical map tutorial for Photoshop.

I had to learn most of this by myself and you can correct me if you know an easier way for a step.
Some techniques might be a bit difficult for people who never or rarely use Photoshop, but I really
tried to explain as much as possible in detail.

If something is very unclear write me a comment or note.

Someone told me in the comments it might be even better to trace the lines with a bright colour like
white or yellow, do as u like!

When you tested the tutorial I would like to see your result :) You don´t have to give credit,
I am just curious if it is useful for others.

It is a tutorial of this map:

German Empire with Northern Bohemia by Arminius1871

Thanks for support to: :iconlumi-natis:
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Nice tutorial ! However, the tutorial video is down, it says that the account has been terminated, if you still have it, could you please reupload it to a new account, or if it's bothers you, to just give a link to a filesharing website so I could download it ? :) (Because I can understand more easily in a video than a normal tutorial, since I don't know Photoshop very well yet and I don't think we have the same version, it's a bit hard to understand :dead:)

Thanks you so much !
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Nice tutorial!
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I love your tutorial! I used it to make this map.
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Good job and I am very happy it was useful :D
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how you do the capture lines things on map?
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I linked a video tutorial in the info, there you can see how do everything step by step,
I hope that can help you!
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man I gotta get photoshop I have been doing this on fire alpaca
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Yes Photoshop or if you want to use vectors, then I recommend Adobe Illustrator.
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It's a very useful tutorial!!! GREAT job... and thank you fot it
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I´m very happy it helped you! :D
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Interesting tutorial. One point of advice for other readers. When tracing lines, I prefer to start with a bright colour (I usually use yellow). This helps to see where you have been. When I am done, I replace this bright colour with the actual colour I want.
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That´s a good point I edited the info, thanks!
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I've started making historical maps via Photoshop. I will keep your tips in mind.

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Great you can show me ur masterpieces then!
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Thank you very much ! I will try.
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If u have questions ask me^^
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Thanks a lot for this tutorial! ^^
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