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German Empire with Northern Bohemia


Prussia defeated Austria at the battle of Königgrätz on the 3rd July 1866. In otl Bismarck persuaded Wilhelm I
to not annex any regions from Austria, so Austria can join he German Reich sooner or later and doesn´t hate
In this new scenario however Bismarck failed and Wilhelm I demanded to unite Austrian Silesia with Silesia,
so that this old region is one again and he demanded that Austria cedes the german speaking north of
Bohemia as the new province "Nordböhmen". Wilhelm also demanded that Pilsen is added to this new province.

I took screenshots of my mapping process and if you want I could try to turn this map into a Photoshop tutorial, which would need some more time of course. Let me know what you think.

Special thanks to :iconlehnaru: for his help with Nordböhmen and Schlesien.
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Well, first of all, this map is simply wonderful in every way!
The details, the color palette and quality are simply stunning!
The premise behind the map, well ... it's interesting, to put it shortly.
I do not boast of being a historian and the history of Germany before 1871 is definitely not a strong point of mine, but ...... annexing North Bohemia / Sudetenland would not technically cause Austria / Austira-Hungary to develop revanchist / irredentist feelings against the German Empire dominated by Prussia later? 
How could this affect the system of alliances prior to World War I?