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Europe 1918 Central Power victory
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Published: August 3, 2017
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Europe 1918 border changes

The next step of my project. I will write a journal about the alternate course of the war, but for now just a small explanation. Germany never performs the Schlieffenplan but holds a small frontline in Alsace-Lorraine against the Plan XII approach of France with 3 armies. Britain stays out at first and Germany can overrun Russia much quicker. Britain which fears Germany will be too strong if it controlls the East, declares war because of a simple reason like a sunken ship. They think as long as the main armies are in the east they can threaten Germany in the west. But Germany was able to withstand the french attacks and after the peace with Russia (in civil war) was signed the war experienced eastern armies move quickly west. They still march through Belgium, as Britain joined the war now anyway and they take the risky way through the Ardennes. They can cut off both armies and exterminate them. Germany never performed a massive u-boat warfare and the USA is never pulled in. The Central Powers win and establish a new order in Europe.

Territory changes for the Central Powers:

Me and my good friend :icontonio103: as well as my other mates researched a lot about the after war plans and I tried to make logical territory changes. Of course we can never know how it would´ve ended exactly, but I think I came rather close.

German Empire:

- Western valleys of the Vosges mountains for geostrategical reasons
- Land around Verdun
- Luxemburg
- Land of Arlon (Germany won´t annex more from Belgium here, to appease Britain. More radical german groups wanted to annex large chunks or even all of Belgium, but I doubt after Germany increased its influence that massivly in the east, it has an interest to piss off Britain for the next decades)
- Polish settlement strip (Those were rather clear plans, Germany wanted to expand into Poland)

Austria Hungary:

- Venetia and Lombardy (they owned those regions some decades ago)
- The valleys of the Carpathian mountains at Romania (Austria had also plans for Poland, but Germany wanted a german king in Poland instead and keep it as a state)


- Romanian coast up to the Danube delta (Romania gains Bessarabia tho)
- Large parts of Serbia and all of Macedonia (Serbia can keep Montenegro)
- Parts of Greece

Ottoman Empire:

- All the islands in front of its coast (This was some speculation by me)
- Large parts of Armenia
- Georgia and Azerbaijan as vassal states

New states in the east:

Germany would together with Austria-Hungary establish several new states mostly on the costs of Russia in the east and form a new alliance of states. Most of those states would get a german/ austrian king. There were exact plans for german kings in Finland, Poland and even Ukraine.

1. Poland with Karl Albrecht von Habsburg-Altenburg as king.
2. Ukraine with Vasyl Vyshyvanyi alias Wilhelm Franz von Habsburg-Lothringen as king.
3. White Ruthenia
4. Lithuania
5. Baltic Duchy
6. Finland with Friedrich Karl von Hessen-Kassel as king.
7. Donland
8. Kuban
9. Mountain Republic

You see the situation of 1918, the civil war is still raging all over european Russia and within the next years there will be border changes again. States like Donland, Kuban and the Mountain Republic will probably fall apart again, and Russia will invade White Ruthenia to gain back territory maybe even Ukraine. I will show those changes in my next map. Also Austria-Hungary will still fall apart, but some years later and not directly after the victory and much softer. A croatian state might have been formed inside of Austria-Hungary before the dissolution. Another map I make in future will show the colonial changes in Africa, maybe you noticed that Morocco is a german protectorate now.

The new alliance of those states will be called "Deutscher Bund" German Alliance, because most of those states have a german head of state. There will be a new alliance in future tho, but that will take some more time to make.

If you read through everything until here congrats nearly noone is doing this, and I would be very grateful if you look over my map to find errors and to criticize the borders or the style. Or maybe you simply have questions why I did a certain border change).

This map is part of our project Sternenfront

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DUMPS666Hobbyist Artist
frence hitler
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DUMPS666Hobbyist Artist
I take that as an yes
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russian hitler incomming
Arminius1871's avatar
Stalin will still rise^^
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TheKo9IsAliveHobbyist Digital Artist
Want me to correct this again with red lines in paint? :p
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If you have other suggestions for borders you can send me that ofc.
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ImperialAceStudent Digital Artist
I feel like Austria-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire may still dissolve either a Central Power Victory or not cause they were not as strong as Germany was; as for Russia ( this is my thoughts) I feel like Russia may become a republic du to a victorious Germany and the way I see this is that Germany and possibly Britain would more likely fund troops and including the Eastern Client States to defeat the Bolsheviks thus result to no Soviet Union. I could be wrong but that is what I think. 
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That´s right I dissolved them in the 20s and later on it looks like this:

Reichsbund in 1944 by Arminius1871

Sadly Germanys interest was not a strong Russia, but a weak one. So they´d not help the other side to fight the Soviets and they might still win. However, since Germany got so many eastern states from Russia, this Soviet Union would be a bit weaker.
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Great map, but I sometimes wonder if Italy would have stayed neutral or fought for the Central Powers if the Schlieffen Plan never happened.
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My french mate said, that Italy was rather nationalist and would always want certain
austrian regions and be pulled on entente side by France XD
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BreakfasttacosNew Deviant
I think you are probably right. A large piece of southeastern France including Nice had been part of a pre-unification Italian kingdom (Piedmont I think) just two-three generations before the war, but France had pretty well erased their Italian heritage by this time.  I think there were riots in Nice at some point which allowed France to expel and replace a large number of the natives.  There were also questions as to how “Italian” these areas really were.  Garibaldi for example was from Nice and considered himself thoroughly Italian, but I think a lot of historians feel like if anything most people there felt more in common with the Occitan speaking French than with the Italians as a whole.
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The transition among the romanic regions is much more fluent,
you could even create a state stretching from tuscany to catalonia XD

But I also think in this case the alpine border is a good compromise.
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Excellent map, as always!

Do you think that Austria-Hungary would survive, even as a victor of the war? The creation of new states as a result of the dismantlement of the Russian Empire would only fuel nationalistic fervor in the Slavic and Magyar parts of the Empire.
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Thanks a lot!

No A-H would not survive, but the victory would delay it a bit. It would last till the early 20s in my opinion,
but the different peoples would complain about not being indepence from the war on. The good thing is,
the dissolution could be soft and the peoples could agree on the new borders on eye height and Austria
wouldn´t lose tons of germanspeaking border regions, but keep a fair border.

Hungary might not give away non-hungaryan regions tho and would be like a mini A-H^^
Because I doubt they´d give Transsylvania to Romania.

Also my map is not meant to offend anyone, but what I think would be logical. I see you are from Greece,
and if the CP win, Bulgaria would be big and Turkey would probably take some greek islands sadly.

Maybe you know how the Greeks would behave in the following years? Would they hate Germany and the new order
or try to make the best of it and join the Confederation Germany and A-H established?
Saluslibertatis's avatar
Thanks for the reply. 

No, of course I am not offended: if a country is on the losing side, it loses territory.
As far as public opinion is concerned, the Entente had tried to enforce neutrality by occupying the main ports, Piraeus and Salonica. I am therefore sure that with some propaganda we would come to detest the Brits more than the Germans.

However, there is another interesting scenario. Our King was a Germanophile who did not join the Entente even after we had been invaded by the Bulgars. It is a reasonable assumption that if the Germans seemed to be winning, we would have joined the Centrals. In fact the primary reason for us joining the Entente was not their potential capability of winning the -stalemated- war, but the fact that all the land containing Greeks not in Greece was in Central hands (Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire)
Arminius1871's avatar
Sorry late reply^^

Yes I understand Greeces intentions, after all Bulgaria and Turkey held too many of your regions.
And the Megalania (sorry I write it wrong) idea was big. And me and my friends would love to see
a greek Konstantinopel more than a turkish Istanbul believe me^^

How is the situationin Greece now, is it better with jobs etc.? Again I am sorry for the shit Merkel did.
Saluslibertatis's avatar
Unemployment is still rampant, the economy had shown some signs of rebirth, but the "negotiations" -see Yanis Varoufakis- of the new leftist govt undermined this growth.
Also, Merkel is not in the wrong and neither is Schäuble. If I go to the market and buy potatoes I must pay. Germany is simply asking her money back, the money which German taxpayers have given; the money which has been spent in monstrously expanding the public sector to the detriment of the economy.
Arminius1871's avatar
Ah that´s nasty. But still there could´ve been better solutions.

Maybe if Greece really had the Drachme again, it´s own currency it would´ve been
more flexible. And then you got the refugee wave as well.
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artlovr59 Photographer
Interesting. Imagine, no WWII, a much more stable world, no Cold War. Oh well, we can wish.
Arminius1871's avatar
We will have a second world war, but very different to ours at least in our timeline^^
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artlovr59 Photographer
Oh. Hmm, to bad. Maybe it could have been avoided?
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No, no absulotely not.

The  Ottoman empire was already on the verge of collapsing.
Even if they did win, the empire still would have fallen in just 2 years
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Yes it will, but this map is in 1918.
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