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Moe-chii by armenci


Hi deviantart long time i didn't active at here

Firstly i apologize to all my watchers and commissioners
because I was on hiatus for so long..
A lot of things happen irl 
From a graduation, marriage plans, start working at my bro's office
and even a bad one like my PC is busted, lost my close relative, etc

srsly last year is a hard year for me :iconcryforeverplz:

I just can't give up my dream become a pro illustrator
And i want to open a commission once more
Any support will be appreciated :'3

Please visit and check the commission price or term and conditions here:

Commission Info
Bullet; Blue About me Bullet; Blue
My style is anime with moe looks, focused on female/girls
I've drawn since 2011 and still look for a improvements and focused on my illustrator path since 2012
I've once a mouse user until 2014 end, now i've trying to improve my draw with my pen tablet
Thanks for all your support! now i'll try my luck and open some commission now! Yoroshiku na! ^^
And feel free to visit my gallery !!
Bullet; Blue Rules Bullet; Blue
• My commisson always open (Feel free to contact me via note ^^)
• I don’t do refunds
• Paypal only (USD currency)
• I'll draw with A4 canvas with 300 dpi and portrait canvas
• I’ll notify via notes or email for the WIP sketch
• I'll continue that WIP after it's half

Here is my gallery with some commissions which i've worked so far:…

Lastly happy belated new year 2019 !!
Let's hope this year will be a great year!!

thank you very much and have a nice day! ^^

Bullet; Green 11th commission slots Bullet; Green
Please send me note with complete commission form to claiming your slot!

1. :iconmanuk51a: 1/1 Done!!

2. :iconduelizm: 2/2 Done!!

3. :iconcitrusanime: 3/3 Done!!

4. :icondakimakuri: (still waiting response)

5. :icontanooki-john: 1/1 Done!!

6. :icon347spectre: 1/1 Done!!

Please tell me if you already reserve a slot but not listed above
Or you already send me commission form but i forgot about it 
(I'm so sorry :iconcryforeverplz: )
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Ahaha sorry i forgot to add you here x'D
Will upload finished work later ^^
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OMG senpai! Your back! I actually had three commission requests on your previous journal. Would you like me to remind you?
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Hi citrus-san! yep i try to come back x'D

Ah yep i just want to contact you about that
Lets talk about that on the chat :3