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Long time no see everyone!!
I just can draw a few artwork lately.. real life sure sucks :iconmingcryplz:

But by the way.. somehow i can manage to buy my own tablet :iconfinallyplz:
My friends always advised me to buy one.. because it will make me easier to draw
And yeah.. now i must adapt with it..

Well.. here more Ayayaya for y'all.. hope you like it XD

Pixiv link:…

Aya Shameimaru (c) Touhou Project
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Aya is such a beautiful tengu.
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Damn right I like it! :D The pose is nice, the art is awesome, there are a lot of details and the shading is perfect too. A must-fav if you ask me, kudos to you I am a dummy! +fav
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Ahahaha thanks alot :iconhakaseshyniplz:
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That's a nice sword you got there Aya :iconchenplz:
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Yeah! You have good eyes chen! :iconayaishappyplz:
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I can see everything and anything! :iconchenplz:
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Looks beautiful~
Great job ^^
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Ehehehe thank you :iconba-kyunplz:
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You're welcome ^^
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Ayayayaya~ :happybounce:

Aya is, like, one of my first favorites~ :iconloveloveplz:
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Heueueu same here... :iconhakaselolniplz:
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Welcome back! (And yes, life really sucks. :/) Sweating a little... 

Aya looks really nice and the pose looks really graceful, and your knowledge of perspective makes it even more so. I also love the way you colored the wings! Giggle 

Keep up the good work! La la la la 
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Yep, i know right? :iconorzplz:

Thanks alot! your words is mean much for me :iconcryforeverplz:
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You're very welcome! Akari Sakurai (Cheerful) [V1] 
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Welcome back !!Aya is amazing x).
Btw what kind of tablet will you buy ?
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Thanks! XD
Just a simple pen tablet, wacom bamboo :iconhakaseshyniplz:
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Yes!  Always glad to see more Aya, most beautiful of all the tengu!  And given how the media is in real life, she is the only reporter I could actually trust.  I love her too much.
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Yep.. indeed!!
Altought her newspaper news articles is "slightly" exaggerated
I absolutely will buy it :iconayaishappyplz:
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Even with the exaggerations, her articles are many times better than this "Fox News" we have here in America.  CNN and MSNBC are a joke, and even the AP cannot always be trusted.  However Aya at least has some truth rather than outright lies.  Not to mention, Aya is just cute, beautiful, and sexy.
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Hueueue thanks azure-san :iconhakaserollingniplz:
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