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[CM] Lucfi

Commission from :iconkingofe3:

lol.. I just wonder if she looks like koakuma from touhou ?
Maybe she is one of succubus like koakuma's kind XD

The outfit kinda skimpy but i love it :iconnatsuheheplz:
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She's cute and sexy at the same time. Nice job!
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nicely done~~ looks really cute~
and lol... should totally draw R18~ R18 is sooooo fun~~ (ya boi... come to the bright dark side )
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lol yea
I remember a quote
if you go black, you never go back XD
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wahahahhahahahah u are sooooo racist XDDD (wait... wait....what? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
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You sure you don't want to draw R-18? I think there are some that really want you to draw it XD.
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Lol.. yes my friends always tease me to drawing one
But in my opinion Ecchi is more fascinating than R-18 huuueu XD
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Kinda perv though lol
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brilliantly keen! ;D
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.....Tissue plz..... :)
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Ahueueeu here you go mate :icontissueplz:
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beautiful Lucfi nice job 
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that nicely done balance of cuteness and sexyness~
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Hueueue thanks :icondazeplz:
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She's really cute~! I wanna date her!

And if you add bat wings on her head, she'll turn 100% into Koakuma. XD
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I know right?
So much resemblance XD
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She's really cute!
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Her name is Lucfi.
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Oh all right edited XD
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