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Advent Cirno

M-mou! i dont have motivation to draw the background... I just draw the simple one... :iconorzplz:

She is Advent Cirno, from touhou doujin by One Night Stand...
The ex-soldier of Shinra and the strongest hero...
:iconbakaishappyplz: :iconsaysplz: Atai wa saikyou da yo!!

Lineart Version: [link]
Advent Cirno (c) One Night Stand
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Oh, cool! (Or cold?)
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Can I use this for my digital art?
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You know, looking at this whole Advent Cirno doujin with the Touhou/Final Fantasy 7 mashup going on, there's something about it that's been bothering me for quite some time. If Cirno is supposed to be Cloud, then which Touhou character would be Sephiroth?
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From what I heard, Flandre was Advent Cirno's Sephiroth.
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I dunno. I've read the Advent Cirno comic, but Flandre never showed up in it. But if they ever do resume it, I think the most obvious choice for Sephiroth would most likely be Sagume. 
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That joke has already been made.  Also, it was a time where Flandre was the most powerful and dangerous in theory because she was unstable. It's that instability being the reason as to why she has the role of Sephiroth rather than appearance.  How many other Touhou characters can cause mass havoc due to going nuts as canon for their own background story?  Besides, the Laevatine has crazy long reach with a bunch of Flandre's attacks much like Sephiroth's Masamune.
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Marisa, cuz she always gets wrecked by her until Fairy Wars, and even then she's shown to have gotten beat to cathulu's dimension.

Cinnamon Cirno free avatar Cinnamon Cirno free avatar 
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I the Advent Cirno manga, she was already depicted as Yuffie. So another Touhou character would have to take that role instead.
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I was making a joke....I haven't read the manga yet due to hardware failure on several occasions. but, I really wonder who could earn the title of sephiroth. do you have a proper link to the manga by any chance?
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thanks. time to put the reading glasses on.
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ah in the world of doujin you see the strangest things...
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Love Advent Cirno! I would really like to play an rpg or a side scroller of Advent Cirno.
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Damn, I just remembered my own variation on Advent Cirno...I better post that up soon after I get most of my creator's block out of the way! =w=;
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my eyes are defying me, I'm looking at Cirno, but my mind tells me she looks a bit like hayate from combat butler.
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Melon slice just got a whole new meaning to it!
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i love the melon sword :)
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It tasty enough to kill you... :iconlaughingplz:
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lol this is too good... ^^
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ehehehe thanks :icondazeplz:
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i see keroro there :P

Really nice pic! The swords and the lineart and the coloring!!! Amazing x400!

I wouldve never thought of mixing these two up. *A*
Keep up the great work!
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Yep.. keroro gunsou XD

Ehehehe... thanks! :iconba-kyunplz:
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