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Anomalocaris and Opabinia

Again, a birthday card for one of my brothers. We are both trained biology teachers (although he is the only one working as one) and have had a fascination for prehistoric animals for a long time. About 15 years ago we had an educational CD called "l'Océan des Origines", with very cool (at the time, now they look very dated) 3D animations of extinct species in their environment. The earliest one featured Burgess fauna creatures, including an Anomalocaris capturing an Opabinia. Here's my own take on this now classic theme.
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Really excellent work! I wish I could give you more than just a favorite for this piece, it's probably my favorite work of art depicting prehistoric animal life. Can't wait to see more in your style. :) 
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Those guys are so cool, you drew them really well!
Theres a very recent high quality documentary including them, called 'Leaps in Evolution', Its a documentary focusing on the evolution of eyesight
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snibbety snab has benned collected
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There's always a bigger fish. 
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Beautiful I'm a geek at heart; I always love to read, to see, to learn. Even though I'm familiar with both of these, I'm having a bit of insomnia😩, and to relax I'm watching David Attenborough's Origin of Life, and the anomalocaris has just entered the scene.

Your illustration is breathtaking.
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Thank you so much! Sorry for only replying now (busy days!), but I just wanted to say that when I woke up a few days ago to such a nice comment a happy smile spread on my face, it always feels nice to get such kind comments, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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This is absolutely beautiful!! <3
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This is amazing. I love the colours you've used and the sense of action you've depicted between the anomalocaris and opabina. Poor opabinia, getting attacked like that! 
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Than you very much ^^ The colours were actually kind of a last minute addition because I realised the original, very monochrome painting, was very boring. I'm still learning that watercolour thing ^^
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You made this for him? That's great! I hope your talent lands you in a biologically related job because your use of watercolor and ink en is incredible.
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Thank you very much, you're too kind ^^
Yeah, I decided this year everyone in the family was getting a watercolour for their birthday.
I actually am working in biology, just left academia after my postdoc and am now working for a company which offers proteomics service (analysis of all proteins in a sample using mass spectrometry) to labs. And I also am still a biology teacher in France, I have a life-time position waiting for me should I ever move back there.
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well, sounds good
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