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Armbine the great killer of gods!!!
Armbine origin: prologue
                  Equinox, Psyker, and Tzeentch and the other Daemons have begun their attack on the kings castle... They did not come for plunder or riches... They came to do one thing... To kill the Leviathan king... For Vengeance shall be at the hands of Tzeentch... Tzeentch was tortured for more than a quarter of his life by the hands of the leviathan. Saved by Psyker and Equinox, he vowed to avenge his family and his people... His deep hatred for the Leviathans was so deep... That he went into a trance like fury. He is always was reminded of the day where he and his family were kidnapped and were murdered by the Leviathans... He still he
Armbine's Revenge Chapter 1 Preparation
All Armbine knew was rage, and pain. Rage for what he did the pain for the loss. Who is he you say? Well he is none other than equinox all powerful being and creator of reality, and who was the loss well you'll know eventually. Hours earlier It pretty much all started when I was trying to kill equinox reason why well that story is for another time. Now we have the aftermath I left and waiting for the next time I could fight him. There's just one thing I really hate when fighting is surprises I really hate surprises. So I went back to my home to prepare a attack. “How's everything going.” said Armbine “It is going great

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Armbine the great killer of gods!!!


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Puppet!AU Chapter 11 Planned for November Release!
As for when Chapter 11 will be released exactly, I'm still not quite sure. I was hoping to have it done for October, but I ended up falling ill and unable to work for a few weeks. However, I'm at a point where I am in great health and have virtually no distractions now, so I'm going to be working full steam ahead to get this next chapter done! My aim is to have it done by the later half of the month. Like I said, I'm not exactly sure when it'll be done, but I promise you all a November release! I hope you all look forward to it! Have a great day! :wave:
Lucky Joe vs. Cupcakes - part 15 - NO flashback

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Oh my gosh you know what this is nuts who reads this anyway, but chapter two is in chapter ones comments. So chapter three will come soon. Who even sees this.
Oh boy so armbine revenge chapter II is gonna take a long time so I decided to make it in parts. Alright so it may take awhile so be patient please and thank you.
Hello two people and the Radom people that might show up. I've decided to get serious, currently I am writing a story and I hope you like it. I mean it is the first so it is probably gonna be mistakes so yeah. So look out for a story in the next few ...

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Thank you for the watch :handshake: 
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No problem actually took me awhile to find you and watch you!!
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Thank you so very much for watching my page! Watched you back :) Have a wonderful day!
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No problem
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HI IT'S MEE!! You desperately need more punctuations and such in your writing...
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Yes I am hardly a good writer but what do you think?
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