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concept robo

Рисовал в свободное время, просто для себя.
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male fanatasy armor vs female fantasy armor

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This is so well done :O Usually mecha sketches are...well a mess of colors and bad ideas but this is so clean while keeping so many details in. Absolutely love it :)
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im not good at drawing but ill use this guy as a concept for a charachter of a card game im making. he looks the same just way less detail and his head is just an eyeball. ill name him "brutum the forbidden" he'll be the strongest card in the game so far unless i make one like him of even stronger. your design is just perfect, bravo
"So wish I hadn't forgotten my armour this morning..."
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Golden details add the point! Now, this is a luxury machine!
She's going to need a bigger sward, and an anti-tank squad to back her up.
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yeah...Im not sure what she was planning to accomplish with that tiny-ass sword and shield, but its probably not gonna work XD
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I don't like these "archaic", "medieval" robots.
But yours is amazing! Congratulations!
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It is so nice work!!!
so I made into 3D,just change the shape of the head.never for commerce。
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nice robot, ......nice naked babe too
OMG... so much detail on that robot and my focus keeps going on to the girl....
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That girl needs an armor, I think
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Unless that is her armour, plot twist! :P
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haha...+ 60 armour against elemental attacks :D
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Burn? Wait... scratch that :P
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:rofl: oh wow is that a burn on yourself?
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I literally have no idea XD
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