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Uncommon, gut-wrenching, deadly, maybe drop-dead gorgeous, but no damned boredom! Ja lubie duzo zdjec i tekste. Niektore rzeczy zatrzymuje dla siebie priwatnie. Jestem zadowolony, jezeli cos ladnego tutaj znajde. Chetnie pisze tez komentarz... O_____O

reading is a form of happiness

A thought so tiny...
A tale of
two children-
me and myself,
one lost
long ago
to time
and memory -
the other,
oh the other
to tell the tale
of many years -
the good
and bad,
the wondrous
and sad
was meant to be
the last that
I have...
The storm
for city kids
was a shout
from heaven-
and loud
not like the
bass drums
in that parade
of dead heroes
I was afraid -
but not now
and that storm,
blessed light
and tumult -
and natural
in one
And afterwards...
peace to
those pristine hills
the treasure troves
of youth,
the little
etched into
the unformed, 
A root cellar
half buried in a
wet, grassy hump
of earth...
to enter into
a place
of damp smells 
and spidery sights...
Glass jars lovingly
stored against
a harsh winter
never came...
gazing through
to see fruit and pickles
(of which my grandmother
would have been proud
to display) but no-
no living person could
dream of those pr
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 28 0
That idea, that somebody could be so small physically and take up so much of your mind, of your world, strikes a chord with me. I can't even put into words what I feel right now: I could literally hold you for eons and eternities and I would never notice anything but you. Sometimes when we're out places I have to reel myself in, remind myself that other things exist outside of you. You're all I see: and not in a blind way, because you're like this glorious rainbow that stretches across the sky and makes all the colours seem brighter. I spent so much time thinking my heart was meant for a subtle loneliness, that any match wouldn't quite match, that no two people could truly be meant for each other in the movie sort of way.
 And in every sort of way I think we are meant for each other. I am terrified that I'm going to do something to screw this up or scare you away or move too quickly or not quickly enough or whatever, and here I am, more sure than I've ever been that I want to be w
:iconjadenperhaps:JadenPerhaps 2 0
I often think
Time strays from me
Ever looping constantly
More time, our options never give
The loop; consistent; repetitive
I see your life; obscenity
A twisting colliding serenity
The times we’ve touched, in perfection
Connected, frozen, never done
We push, we pull, we pry away
We never really know to stay
And here we meet
Time and time again
The ever dreaming ….
Ghost fingers slide both in and out
Torturous, as you push them; shout
Never could one in your Hell share;
No matter how you strip them bare
Stars eternal endlessly;
Love, useless: … patiently
I love you; love
Why won’t you stay?
The darkness states
to go away
:icongreen--faerie:Green--Faerie 1 0
Friendship is like the night:
Delicate, pure and infinite.

Friendship is like the day:
Vibrant, exciting, always different.

Friendship is like the sea:
Deep, dangerous and mysterious.

Friendship is like the air:
Invisible and always there.

Friendship is as pure as the soul:
It begins and ends in the heart.
And both are immortal!
:iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 14 16
Take heart
Where do we
find ourselves?
Back at
the start...
Take heart
in winter
for you
are here
with me...
dreams of passion
are out
of fashion
and in
another place,
your face
may smile
with longing
and yet,
we still part-
my love,
take heart.
Words in a dream...
or so it may seem...
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 24 0
December Mist
Leaves blown
against street lamps-
alight there
and then
long shadows
for you
and fog wraps
the friendly maple
not so...
time to go
A human soul
with a dead,
that stands
apart -
beats only
for the pain
in that
familiar lane-
birds call,
squirrels play
but not on
this day...
Go home,
little one
to whatever
December mist
never kissed
a child
so frightened
and alone
as you...
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 22 0
World Peace
As kids
We often pray for world peace
Because we think it's possible
We're not jaded
Still full of hope
It's sad
We don't realize when we've stopped asking for world peace
Because we don't think it's possible
We just stop
We chide ourselves for being childish
Believing in peace is like believing in fairies and ghosts
We’ve seen too much
We think we know better
But then
We get the chance to see through a child's eyes
And we see that hope
And we hear that prayer
And we pray too, for world peace
And for that child to never lose hope
Maybe they'll be the ones to realize it
But we can't
Because it's impossible
:iconvexic929:Vexic929 8 8
Cry something
Hello, hello,
"Another tragedy has happened,"
So says the news telly,
"In the form of terror."
I'm pretty sure it's much
Worse than what they say.
There's chaos in the world;
It's not a new thing.
I'm tired of being useless & afraid.
Everyone has reasons,
Though some are called
Though its called either
"Faith," or "patriotism,"
I find these reasons so confusing.
You know what you're doing is wrong,
Yet you still do it anyway.
After all, you hate the world
As it is now & want to change it,
Resolving to terror on the way.
But are you willing to
Stake all the good things left?
Just like your victims,
I'll cry over you.
Bombs, guns, suicide bombs,
Grenades, air strikes, & more.
You know, I think violence
Causes hate, which then
Turns to angry violence.
It used to work before,
Now everyone's tired of it.
I'm pretty sure you're
Tired of it too,
But You can't run away from it.
Doubt is a horrible pain
But it's sometimes a good
Medicine to moral blindness.
Even the things you do are
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 4
Too afraid to tell
We had dreams.
We had ambitions.
We had things we wanted to do,
And things we wanted to accomplish.
But those dreams vanished,
And those ambitions faded.
I don't want to do anything,
And I have nothing to accomplish.
It's eating me alive,
The constant despair.
I'm too afraid to ask,
Too afraid to tell.
It's better this way,
For no one to know.
:iconninjacat234:Ninjacat234 1 1
New Relationships
I turned into one of those people,
Who get's angry when you don't text back.
At the mere sight of you,
My stomach would not stop fluttering.
Whenever you asked to go out,
I would wish I clear everything to do so.
Upon our first kiss,
It was a memory never to be forgotten.
You were always the first one,
To receive updates on my life.
It seems like true love,
The way we care for each other.
We truly do love each other,
But we're still young.
:iconninjacat234:Ninjacat234 2 0
The one for Me
I almost gave up in my life,
then I met you in sight.
You showed me happiness,
and shower me with love.
You are always on my mind,
when im in my darkest thoughts.
You are the love of my life,
that brought meaning into my life.
Life was always hard on me,
but there you are looking up for me.
You showed me meaning,
you showed me love.
You are the love of my life,
that has shown me strength and courage to move on.
You mean everything to me,
and we have many memories to share.
You bring laughter into my life,
helped me grow strong.
You are always there,
in the darkest thoughts of mine.
I love you forever,
I will always be here.
When you need love,
I will be the one for you.
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 7 9
I will
I won't cry, because I'm weak.
I'll cry, because I know Im strong
I won't shout, because Im angry
I'll shout, because nobody understands.
I won't be perfect, because I'm not
But I will try, because thats my faith.
I won't curse the world, because I'm hating everything.
But I will show you, that I can be strong.
I won't judge, because I'm not mean.
But I will show respect, to those who respect me.
I am not perfect, because I'm human
But I am strong, because of my past.
I'm not fake, because I hide the smile.
But I have my moments, when I need to vent and cry.
I am human, just like you all are.
But I had a rough past, and it makes me strong.
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 12 16
I've been broken
I've been beaten
I loved you,
but you ripped my heart into pieces.
I lost all faith,
I lost my sanity
My life was a mistake,
I was never meant to be here
You were my world,
you were my life.
But you found so many ways,
to destroy my heart into pieces.
I wish I was gone,
I will never be loved.
I'm never cared about.
So what is the point anymore?
You hurt me in so many ways,
you told me you loved me
but it was always lies.
I love you....but you don't feel the same way.
I will soon be gone,
from this world filled with hatred.
I love you,
and now I lost you...
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 5 8
Summer Star
Pick yourself
a Summer Star -
They're not
 so far...
With autumn
on the wind -
Lean and lilt
above the hill-
They shine
Choose yourself
a Summer Star -
keep it close
hear the sighs
of Summer Skies...
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 24 0
In your eyes
I can not
in your eyes...
For it is there,
I can see
what came before -
No two lives
may separate
the grief
and longing
of no two people
any longer...
For one must
walk away-
the other
In your eyes,
I can discern
the ocean walks,
the spring talks
and the winter-
oh the winter burn
in your eyes
and heart -
we live apart...
No words,
no thought,
no two...
For one must
turn -
the other
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 22 0
Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. (Clive Staples Lewis)


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