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Battleships Forever Astronaut Sprites, Wide

I drew these with Microsoft Paint, so I can use the Small core to represent astronauts performing extra-vehicular activity (EVA). If you consider them too wide, the narrow designs- using a single Thruster EX module- can be found at….

From left to right, the astronaut's powered exoskeleton's rear section, which mounts a Thruster EX and a Deflector module, forming a propulsion unit… or "jet pack"; the astronaut him or herself; and the powered exoskeleton's forward section.

Center, from top to bottom, a human male; a human female; a bipedal Alien; and an arthropoidal Alien.

Right, from top to bottom, a stabilized mount for a human astronaut's smart gun… or other equipment; pirate battle armor, reverse-engineered from alien technology; alien battle armor; and a stabilized mount for an alien astronaut's equipment.

Download, "cut out" the sections you want, and design to your desires!

EDIT 31MAR2015: Redesigned so a Deflector replaces the second Thruster EX module.
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