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4 min read

I'm getting very exhausted by the Eclipse Hate. By December of this year I'll have been on DA for 18 years and I've watched this site go through so many UI updates and changes not to mention infrastructure changes. Some of you don't remember the backlash for Version 5 and 6 updates, as it changed the structure entirely, but I do. Just because you didn't see it or weren't around for it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

DA spent well over a year and a half, making gradual updates to eclipse, polling for feedback, taking in responses, and working on eclipse before releasing it fully. Please, tell me, how many other services keeps their whole audience involved in their UI updates? Tumblr never did, Twitter never did, Facebook never did. All those services will change their UI and not even bother polling the audience for feedback. And no, saying 'don't make eclipse' isn't feedback. Other alterations and changes were made to Eclipse as it was made, which you would have noticed if you had used Eclipse all the way back when it was first available for preview like I did. As just one example, the whole reason why we have a green DA skin is because of it's request made by multiple users.

'DA doesn't listen because they didn't listen to MY feedback specifically!! And because all my friends agreed with me clearly this means Everyone On DA wants the thing I want so therefore, DA isn't listening to anyone'

This terrible strawman paragraph is used to illustrate a sentiment of how I see and read every single complaint about DA 'not listening'. Too many users re in their own echo-chambers and believe that they and their friends way of using a service must apply to everyone, and that's a fallacy. The only topic I have ever seen that does seem to bother a large amount of DA members more than anything else, however, is the lack of CSS options. But you know what, I think DA made the right decision to restrict that level of customization.

Custom CSS is a nightmare for anyone with vision problems, I don't even have vision problems and it's a pain for me. I can't over-ride it and in many cases it doesn't appear correctly in different browsers, causing wholly different browsing experiences and sometimes problems. To keep custom CSS means to have to constantly troubleshoot your own system to compensate to those problems caused by your users demand for their CSS to work specifically. To axe it out entirely both keeps the viewing environment consistent, is better for user's access ability, and gives the dev team less to deal with.

If your ability to customize your space is that important, if scripting matters that much to you, make a website.

If anything DA's biggest folly was in holding back on making an update like this much sooner. DA added tags 5 years too late, so the people using the service are not used to it, they relied on the hard categories for too long. The whole reason it's more difficult to search is because almost no one has gone back to add tags to their old art after tags were even implemented. Categories were held onto far too long, they're a hold-over from an antiquated pre-tag system that was also actively hostile in it's very inception. (Anime and Furry categories were added specifically because people didn't want to see them in their searches for art, I remember when people were complaining about seeing furry or anime art at all)

DA Eclipse has set the groundwork for a lot of new important features much needed by an art service in this day and age, but it also hasn't removed the fun way we interact with each other. It still needs work done to it, such as including a mass tag editor. (which I imagine because of the infrastructure change it's taking a longer time to get the mass image editor tool, as there is a lot to cover) There are also features I would like to see added which I still hope are on the table, but it will take time to see if it's ever added.

It's different, but it's not bad.

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I have a discord server if y'all are interested at all:

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1 min read

*dusts off her patreon*

Nothing special about it because everything I do is public, it merely exists Just In Case. Being completely honest, all the good stuff about what I do is gonna be Dreamwidth anyway. Much more fun that way, IMO u_u

(lol find the really good stuff by figuring out the spoilers in my convoluted multi-part series)

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1 min read
Every contact and link I have is here:
But if you need a quick list:
Dreamwidth: <-- I use this place frequently and it's the best place if you want to keep up with me and my life.

And for the record I'm always going to be on DeviantArt. Been here 17 years, don't plan on leaving this site until it's gone.
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