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I've been on the internet for about 22 years, and in that time I've used an absurd amount of art galleries. In light of this, I thought it might be of interest to myself and also others, that I list all these services I've used and write up a little blurb about the service and/or my experiences with it. It won't be any kind of structured review just blurbs, a little bit history, a little bit opinion piece. The sites are listed in (mostly) chronological order, ones that are still around will be linked and all sites with a ø symbol are dead. I'll be updating this page over time as I use more sites so that I can have a quick reference to everything I've used at any time.

øElfwood: The first ever art gallery I ever had and very likely the first gallery for others, I'd go as far as to say it is what made the concept of the social online art gallery a thing at all. It was a form of Juried site though, at the time it was the first and only of it's kind. All submissions had to be reviewed by a person, and while that meant it was easier to prevent stealing, it also made keeping a gallery up to date, very frustrating and it also prevented several subjects from appearing on the site at all. I uploaded fantasy art and started my presence as an online illustrator, sharing with other artists. While the site managed to last long past its relevance, the interface hardly changed and its attempts to make a new layout came far too late in its life cycle and the much complained about art screening never really got addressed making it slowly more irrelevant as more options started to appear. I tried to stay with this site for as long as it persisted until it's final days if nothing else because it was the one that started it all.

VCL: It's amazing that this site still persists, to this day. The site is simple, offers no engagement features at all. It looks like a lot of the users that haven't used the site in some time have been purged, but you could still use it if you really wanted. Illustrative works only, no photography, though I think you can upload text files.

øMediaMiner: The first real 'general art site' I encountered in late 1999. I used this pretty extensively at the time, as it was easier to use than both Elfwood and VCL, and also didn't have restrictions on the subject matter I could have.

DeviantArt: Joined in 2002, it's continued to be a mainstay in my work. Like media-miner, it aimed to be a big catch-all art website, not only that it also permitted written works, design, skins, crafts, just about any kind of art and design that had been neglected by anything available (and is often still neglected in many as you'll see). Due to its ability to house all many different types of creative works, easy to use interface, the ability to discover and engage in ways no other place I had used at the time, it grew very quickly. It set the standard for what was expected from art gallery options from then on out and continues to do so. RSS feeds for all galleries and favorites, the ability to watch favorites, drag and drop organization, folders and nested folders for organization, comment management, dedicated critique commenting, groups, easy thumbnail use in comments, this is just a fraction of the type of features DeviantArt has pioneered and influenced other art sites after it. It is the largest gallery archive of mine apart from my personal archive and will remain to be one of my first choices in what I decide to keep up to date and I'll probably keep it going until it no longer exists. About the only type of file it doesn't out-right support is audio, it remains one of the only sites to cover the most bases.

øSheezyArt: DA made some change and people were upset so they made Sheezy Art. It had this reputation for being the more.. drama filled version of deviant art. It permitted mature content in the beginning but then banned it 2 years later (this lead to the creation of FurAffinity) It had all the features DeviantArt did due to it being pretty much a code fork of DA's old code base, and its only real selling point was that you could customize all the colors on your page. But it's lack of management, updates and features just made people go back to DeviantArt and it eventually folded after empty promises of a rebuild.

Newgrounds: Most people had known this place for its flash games, as did I, but I discovered it had a very nice and genuinely helpful artist community on the forums. Only recently has the site expanded to permit more than 4 tags an image, but the upload system, in general, is awkward. It also has a rating system if that's something someone might be interested in. Illustrative works only, no photography, no literary works. Porn allowed.

øStorm-Artists: Also started as a sort of DeviantArt alternative, I honestly don't even know their angle or what made them feel like they could have their own place on the internet and others I think felt the same as it languished with no real updates and eventually died.

FurAffinity: So I've effectively used this site, twice. The first time in its first iteration before it had a huge major security issue that brought it down, making the original owner give it up. And then again years later I tried it one more time only for another security problem to happen. The site is old and archaic, lacking in features and its only benefit is that it's consistently trafficked. I'll never touch the site again until certain key players in FA are replaced. Many forms of Photography are restricted, not really a good place for design work, no video support. Porn allowed.

øFurry Art Pile: Genuinely liked this site, A lot of people did. In 2006 was the first tag heavy oriented art gallery of it's kind and not only did it use tags it was the first one I remember that had tag filtering. It was easy to upload and manage, so between those features, it became incredibly popular and still gets regarded as a site people wish had stuck around, even now. It's sad to say that it took about 10 years for the concept of tag filtering at all to catch on just about anywhere. To this day only Weasyl and a paid Pixiv account have functional, multi-tag filtering.

øJaxPad/ArtSpots: Started out as 2 sites, merged into one. One site was supposed to be one anyone could use, while the other was intended to be Juried like the old Yerf gallery. They had even imported all the old Yerf art with the original creators blessing. But volunteer support faded and it died due to being unable to not having the people to keep up with adding features and changes to the site.

øArt Piles: A revival of the Furry Art Pile code, it had the features people wanted but also ultimately tanked due to just the singular coder.

øPortalGraphics Network: This was a fairly niche gallery, as it was intended for users to post their openCanvas proprietary event files. The cool thing about it was that it would convert the files into a video format that would allow users to see the full progress of the work being done. You could even download those event files yourself to see them within openCanvas for personal study.

øFurocity: Another one of those 'more social media site than art gallery' sites. I used it for a time, gave a lot of direct feedback to the owner, but the site eventually was closed and merged with FurAffinity.

Paper Demon: Most people haven't heard of this site before, and for good reason - it's pretty unremarkable. One of the interesting features is that it has a strong distinction between its adult and clean sections of the site but otherwise there isn't much more going for it. It still exists and I've hardly touched it. Illustration and Literary focused, no photography, no audio or video support. Porn allowed.

Weasyl: It's actual inception came about by a person that was just looking to get rich off of providing 'a better FurAffinity'. Later on, the person who started the site left, and the administration staff that did any of the real work, remained. It had a strong few years where it kept on top of its updates and features but it has since languished, with hardly any real updates at all and no new features and a lead developer that doesn't seem to trust the artist base, it's difficult to say how long the site will last. It's the only other site apart from Nabyn at this time with a Character Profile feature and the only other site apart from Pixiv to have tag filtering. Restrictions on photography, no video support. Porn allowed.

øNabyn: Nabyn's effect and impact felt very similar to Furry Art Pile and it exploded in popularity quite quickly despite requiring a key to make an account. It had a robust character system that seemed to be the inspiration for many others after it. It also boasted a weird separate scrapbook feature that functioned more like blog/forum posts than an individual gallery. The site barely lasted a year before the owner shut it down due to being unable to keep up with the development of the site.

Wysp: An extremely easy-to-use site, doesn't require much for a new submission and has a Kudos feature that is a separate feature from likes, similar to AO3's Kudos feature. Its aim is to try to drive people to be motivated to draw and gives daily challenges and encouragement along with a critique feature. It also has the ability to thank people for comments, a sort of 'hey I read this' recognition which is nice for those short comments you don't know what to do about. However, it's only geared toward illustrative types of art. Illustrative works only, no photography, no audio, no video no literary works.

Pixel Joint: It does one thing and does it very well - host pixel art. It also provides a lot of resources and tools on techniques for making pixel art. However the community itself is not kind, it's elitist and gate-keeping. Which is a shame because it's platform allows you to zoom in on pixel art without requiring the artist to upload pre-upscaled images. It's the best site there is for showcasing pixel art, and that's about it.

Furry Network: I made an account, saw it was owned by Bad-Dragon, then simply filled in a few info bits in my profile and haven't touched it since, don't plan to. Whatever features it has I don't know, because I have no desire to use it.

ArtStation: the answer to the loss of CGHub, except it's better managed than CG hub and has a better interface. It features image stacks - multiple images posted in a single page, and a huge amount of resources and tools for employers to find work and artists to look for work themselves. Though it reads like a site that's only for 'professionals' the truth is, it has no restrictions on the skill level of a person to participate on the site. I think more people should use it, and just get over the fear that it's a 'professional' site. They offer a lot of good resources and the image stacks feature is so dang nice. Visual art and design only, restrictions of photography, no audio, no video, no literary works.

Pixiv: A completely viable gallery, I simply have not used it for myself. It has an English interface but most of its users do not speak English and it is a Japanese run website. Its organization is largely tag focused and it boasts an incredibly robust tag explanation and directory and is a feature I hope some English site adopts one day as this helps keeps tags organized and accurate. It also has an image stack upload feature, and as I'm aware was the first site to implement such a feature, it also now has manga submission support for an e-reader like features on the site. Other fun features are Image Responses, where you can make a submission a direct response to another submission, and reaction images you can use similar to emotes. You can follow people privately and it keeps likes and bookmarks separate from each other, rather than the same thing. Illustrative works only, no photography, no audio, no video no literary works. Porn allowed.

New Sites:

Furrylife Online: This is only just barely starting out, I don't have a lot of feelings on it yet but I'm talking to some of the people involved in its creation. It's a sort of Social Network Art Gallery hybrid much like Furry Network, except run by better people and already has a nicer interface. Also added a new character feature, making it the second only existing art community to have a dedicated character feature section apart from Weasyl. While it does not have tag filtering at this time, there are plans to add it. Only types of formats not supported at this time seem to be possibly photography, unsure about design work. Porn allowed.

ArtRise: The site isn't even completed yet, not even in beta.

Honorable Mentions:

øHumbleVoice: It was kinda like a social networking art site? I used it for a time, it was kinda mellow and nice. Kinda miss the chill introspective feel.

øzeros2heroes: This started as some strange social media promotion to promote the comic and eventual reboot of Reboot. It tried to find talent for the new works on the site and ultimately flopped. It now remains as a front end site for a production team.

I do not include sites like Instagram and Tumblr in my assessment as they are not dedicated art galleries.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the problem, creators of all forms of media upset over the growing frequency of their works being re-posted. While many know this is not a polite thing to do, I feel there are many out there that still don’t quite understand why ‘free advertisement’, as some call their re-posting, has little to no value to a creator.

I think the first problem comes from the misunderstanding of advertisement and why it has value. Advertisement is a lucrative business, people pay money for others to see their works, products or what have you. This leads people to think that advertisement, thus 'exposure’ has value on it’s own, the problem is that they don’t realize what they’re doing is, in fact, not advertisement. When one purchases ad-space from say, any of the major ad companies, they are given price options based on guaranteed impressions, impressions that, if not met, can entitle the purchaser to some other form of compensation depending on the contract made at the time of purchase. It’s worth noting that for some smaller advertisement slots, such as individual sites or project wonderful, there likely won’t be any guaranteed impressions and the cost for such advertisements are significantly lower than say your usual ad sense slot.

The second element about advertisement and ad spots is that the creator is the one that gets to decide exactly what goes into that advertisement. Rarely will you ever see a full, high res image, audio or video as part of the advertisement, instead it’ll be snippets and texts enticing you to click and proceed through the advert to read/see more. That’s the whole point of an advertisement, to get you to purchase and or view the product or content from it’s original source, so that the creator may reap the benefits of that traffic going through on their page and their work. The creator gets full control over what they show and how it’s shown, and the categories they want to be associated with. None of these benefits are possible when someone re-submits the content themselves.

When a person takes any media in it’s full form and uploads it to their site of choice, even if it remains un-edited and the creator name is mentioned, it still provides no real benefit to the creator in question. Yes, we can all see why it’s pretty awful to share things with removed creator credits, but leaving them in can still do harm to the creator so saying 'but I didn’t edit it’ is not a good defense. You’ve provided them the entirety of the content, why would they have any need to find the artist? And if you’re constantly posting other’s media, why would they have any reason to follow those creators if you’re already providing the service? And even putting traffic aside, the process of re-submitting content removes a creator’s ability to decide where that content goes and what it is associated with. And that’s on top of the problem that your re-submission of media leads to the problem of incorrect attribution of sources in other services such as image searches, repositories, and just about anything else. If a creator has made a conscious decision to not permit search engine crawling on their media, they’re allowed to do that and your re-submission will undo their efforts and right to control their creations. Above all else, the bottom line is, if you don’t have permission it’s not legal.

The other side of this of course, is the act of attempting to provide compensation by way of 'free exposure’. Once again this comes with the concept that people will pay for advertisement, which is a fairly reasonable conclusion, but fails to understand what is being paid for with advertisement. As I mentioned before, when paying for advertisements the more expensive options come with a guaranteed range of impressions and even better ones give you price per click. Saying 'well I have X amount of viewers/friends’ means absolutely nothing if you are not working with the creator to provide clicks and views on par with an advertisement agency. If you want to trade your notoriety as something of monetary value, you better be prepared to back that up by way of passing out links/business cards to every single person that interacts with/comments on/views that commissioned work as well as provide a dialog given to you by the creator, just like an advertisement. If you as an individual are unable to provide any guarantee of that nature, unwilling to do the footwork, and have no contract to ensure the creator you will uphold your end of the deal your exposure has no value to the creator.

And for the TLDR here’s a quick bullet list about what I just covered

- Conscious decision made by the creator
- Clear information and guarantees about traffic, impressions and clicks
- Drives traffic to the creator
- Gives control over content that is viewed in the ad

'Free Exposure’:
- Dubious or no information provided at all
- No incentive for viewers to click through or pursue the creator outside of rare cases.
- Drives traffic to the re-post, not the creator
- Disruptive to attribution and search results
- Little to no consent involved
- In the case of work-for-exposure: Makes the creator do all the work for none of the benefits of payment or advertisement

And that is why Creators do not generally like 'Free Exposure’, because it very rarely provides any benefit or traffic, at all. And no, just because there are a few creators that are fine with it does not nullify the points I’ve made, it means that they’ve made a choice for it to be permissible. That’s their content, that’s their choice.

Among many of my friends I'm known for being 'the Enabler'. This usually refers to the fact that I very easily and blatantly not only encourage but actively take part in assisting friends to pursue the most indulgent thing they want to do. (provided it's not harmful to them or others, of course) Be it personal projects, experiences, hopes, and dreams, or even just something goofy.

Many of them probably don't even know why I do it, what my motivation is, honestly, no one's ever asked or questioned it. One part is I'm genuinely enthused by what people like and enjoy, even when it's not my specific niche, and I'm pretty sure that my genuine enthusiasm and engagement carries over so they wouldn't have a need to question it, anyway. I want to elevate people, let them know their symbols, their identities, their stories, their joys, all those motivations, matter, that they're all important pieces of who they are and they deserve to be encouraged. And also that there are other people that want to engage with that.

Because it's something I always wished for myself.

I cannot tell you how many times I really needed that out of someone else. Just something, anything, to tell me I wasn't boring, that what I liked wasn't stupid, that something about what I wanted to pursue was interesting, that I was interesting, that my wants had value. I had a lot of people tell me flatly things I liked were uninteresting, that I as a person was boring or obnoxious, been shot down in the middle of being excited about something. I've had people pretend to encourage me only to lie about their interest, yank me around and lead me along. It's left me doubtful of my pursuits, afraid to engage, afraid to talk, afraid to share.

And I never want that to happen to anyone else if I can help it.
Hi I'm tried of constantly explaining this to people on a numerous amount of websites so I'm making a journal on this I can link people with current information.

So your non-sexual, nude art, body studies, or other casual nude art has been flagged by DeviantArt, or Tumblr or Twitter ect as being 'mature', mature meaning only people that have claimed to be over 18 can see it. You think to yourself 'but there's nothing sexual going on here, why is it being flagged' or 'it's just breasts, they're not a sexual organ' Even if you're absolutely correct in your assessment of the work, it doesn't change the fact that if the website you are using is hosted in the US, they are bound by US Law, which states that certain content must be filtered from access to minors if you know that minors have access to your site and you know the content is there. Warning for sites that don't require a log-in, such as those 'I agree I am 18+' splash pages on websites - yes while someone can still lie, it makes the website not responsible for someone lying about their age because they made the good faith effort to warn for the content. If there's no warning, it could be argued that they are knowingly curating their content to minors which can get them in trouble with the law.

Getting into where I have this information, here are the current, active policies themselves, COPPA and CIPA:……
(Wiki pages are not an exhaustive list of all the terms and policies, you can use them to get a review but you will have to look at the wordage of the policies themselves to get all the details.)

In just one cursory glance, according to these acts, content must be filtered from minors if:
"Any picture, image, graphic image file, or other visual depiction that – (i) taken as a whole and with respect to minors, appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion; (ii) depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; and (iii) taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value as to minors."

If it seems like that even by this verbiage a lot of mature flagged art could still be un-flagged because you could argue it as being Artistic or Academic, you would be right. There could be cases where a blanket flag wouldn't necessarily be the way to go, but the thing of it is, not everyone feels that way. A website itself might even be on your side, but if the person that decides to bring litigation into the ruling thinks otherwise, it doesn't matter what you or the host thinks. This flimsiness of the state of Obscenity laws has been a long standing issue for decades, it's the whole reason why similar laws to COPPA have been through cycles of revisions, so if you think this is frustrating, believe me, it's even more frustrating for hosts like DeviantArt, because they're the ones that have to deal with the actual litigation in the long run.

As a result, many websites instill personal policies that calls for a blanket flag on any nude image to be marked for 18+ viewership. They don't have the time or resources to argue for and keep track of, every single nude piece that could be considered of artistic or academic value, should the threat of litigation ever arise. It also prevents potential in-fighting of people arguing whether or not their art can be seen as artistic because the eyes are sultry or not, or whatever little nitpick a person might have. Some websites even instill filtration policies for the whole site for mature flagging in order to comply with other international laws, so the site won't be filtered or their viewers from other parts of the world won't get into trouble.

At the end of the day, the point is a website makes it's policies both to comply with the law of the location it is set up in and also be smoother with international laws. It isn't about them personally telling you what has value or what does not, DA of all places won't argue schematics of Artistic Intent, it flags based on what is visible in the image as well as what's in the description and that's it. And their policy states that anything nude needs to be flagged as 18+, regardless of artistic intent. It's as simple as that. And before I get this comment: If you know something that is nude but not flagged as mature, instead of complaining about it, report it. Someone reporting your content only means you were caught, it doesn't mean DA has a bias.

And if you're upset that your life art studies have been relegated to the 18+ filter, a requirement and policy clearly stated in the DeviantArt TOS? Then you know what? Make your own dang website.
Offering Commissions for Digital Busts and Pixel Art
I can draw anything, humans, animals, creatures, dragons, robots, anything.

Xevras Bust by armaina SolsticeRain Bust by armaina
Digital Busts, (waist up) 300DPI
1200x1200 - 60$
600x600 - 30$

Pixel Commissions 2018 by armaina
Full Body - 35$
Portraits - 30$
(for an additional 5$ I can add simple 2 frame animations such as blinking and bobs, complex animations cost more)

Note here or email for inquires

More Examples Here:
Pixel Commissions 2018 by armaina
Hey I'm open for Pixel Art Commissions

Full Body - 35$
Portraits - 30$
(for an additional 5$ I can add simple 2 frame animations such as blinking and bobs, complex animations cost more)

I can draw anything, humans, animals, creatures, dragons, robots, anything.

Note here or email for inquires

More Examples Here:
A heads up: I’m probably going to be raising the prices on my basic pixel arts. It could go up by 5$ or 10$ for each type. Current prices will be valid until I make the new posts/infographs until then. Prices could change within a week or so.
The way I see it, a single day for a birthday is kinda awkward, since it's hard to gather everyone together for a single celebration as you get older due to conflicting schedules and what not, so why not just have a nice nebulous birthday week where you do nice things for yourself rather than a singular party. A get together is still something I want to do, but I wouldn't mind a few scattered instances instead of just one singular gathering. My goal is starting today, I have the week for 'myself'. For context, Feb 7th is my actual Birth Day, but I want to focus on just.. doing stuff for me in the 'birth week' since kinda haven't done that, in general, for a long time....

If I take any commissions they'll be small ones with a small queue, so I can focus on doing stuff for me without being gummed up by other obligations.

I may be streaming during the week, dunno when but probably somewhere between 6am - 5pm AZ time (which I think is the same as mountain time right now) Either Warframe, maybe some other games, and Art for myself I've been meaning to work on. And commissions, if I take any that is.
So just as I'm thinking I'm done with hardware problems, my boot drive up and dies on me.
The good news: All my art files were not on the boot drive and they're all still in-tact, no loss there.
The bad news: I have another drive that is the same age as my boot drive, it's what all my personal files are on so I have no idea how long that's going to last me :/

I've already backed up my stuff, so if it does die, I won't loose anything. But the problem is, if it dies I won't.. have any space for anything. To top it off, the drive I'm using as my boot drive, is just as old as the drive that just died. These drives are between 8-10 years old, so they've had a good run, but I don't know how long either of them will hold up ): I probably needs to really buckle down and put money into a new hard drive. Honestly just a 500GB or 750GB hard drive would be more than enough for me, my current drives are only 320GB and 250GB, I'm not working with a lot of space to begin with.

I am of course, open for commissions, most easily available are my pixel art commissions but other inquires are possible. (please know that anything outside of my set sizes/offerings will take me longer to set up and provide quotes for)

If you want though, I do have a Ko-Fi

I'm thinking of doing like donation headshots but I need to have it on my outing day. Maybe more information on that later?

Here's to hoping I can save enough (while also buying groceries) for a new hard drive, before the ones I have fail ):
I've been tossing about the idea of providing some paid to use and maybe some free pixel art bases. What I'm wondering is, what should I make? I'll probably do different dragon ones because of course I would because I love dragons, but are there any specific species you'd like to see made into a pixel art base? And of those bases would you like to see 50x50 or 100x100 sized pixel art ? I would make a poll but to be honest I don't know what all to put on that poll. (also I don't know of many closed species or open species that are okay with people making pay-to-use bases for the species. I only know a handful of them)

Please, any suggestion at all would be nice to hear, so anything you'd like to see me make a pixel art base for, let me know!
Apparently ever since at least the 5th generation, unsure if this is true of the 4th, but the extra nibs you get in the pen holder come with different varieties of nibs, and in them are two nibs that have become my personal favorite nibs and ones you might want to consider giving a try if you haven't already.

First of all, the Stroke Nibs.
If you like your pressure sensitivity, these are basically the best choice of nibs at all. They work great with very gentle strokes and full pressure. If you're not used to a high range of pressure, these might take some getting used to, but once you do, the stiffness of all the other nibs becomes abundantly clear. This is great for both inking and painting and I strongly recommend this one for anyone that does either.

The second is the Flex Nib.
This one I mostly use for my pixel art, it has a nice feel to it and is really good for delicate lines. So if you like small thin lines in your work and don't like the feeling of the standard nibs, this one might be your best option.
I've been mulling on having a discord server, set up something kinda simple for now. I'd like to keep maybe some of my WorldBuilding there or have a place to co-ordinate games with others (mostly Warframe and Guild Wars 2) Join if either being around me talking about my projects interests you or if you'd like to game with me or something.

Eventual plans for.. Things. Comic or Quest, I don't know what's going to happen first. Also that 'classic' adoptable project I've wanted to hammer out.
If you don't want to join a server but wanna add me to discord, I'm armaina#2910 (literally anyone can add me, seriously)
been thinking a lot lately about how DeviantArt is kinda.. the only fun artist community there is. (this isn't to say other communities/sites can't be fun, I'm just mostly referring to setup and infrastructure)

On DeviantArt you can draw in people's comments, respond with thumbnails of images and people make images specifically for that purpose, make your own emoticons for anyone to use without needing any specific kind of account, easily find communities to participate in, browse a category specifically geared towards art related memes. These might all seem like novelties, but when you think about being creative with anything visual, being able to do all those things are, to me, a big deal.

It feels lately that every new art site that crops up seems to hate the idea of being casual or 'fun' with art. They want to be either some sort of high skill curated deal or something of 'serious' art related like some conceptart crap. I think the only other sites that might be 'fun' are Wysp ?? And that's only because of it's more simple interaction in it's interface. In general, it's like we hit this point where people feel as though art 'has' to be serious, and it's honestly a shame. Being Super Serious about art is

People dog in DeviantArt a lot and yea, it's a hugemassive site, building a presence there isn't easy, but there are just so many ways to interact with people. People need to have fun again with their art. More art, more memes, more doing things badly and being okay with it.

And even more related, I'm much more kinder to the idea of DA Points than some people are, if only for the fact I think they need to be treated like tips and not commission currency. I mean, Twitch has it's bits and people just tip bits to streamers, why can't we revitalize the idea of tipping points to artists on DA? It's the only art site that does it.

Really miss the encouragement of Fun and Goofy art based interactions.
Well Okay all those tablet issues? Well I think they're fixed now, for good, because my sister surprise gifted me with a new tablet and monitor.

I'm going from a 17in CRT to a 24in Flat Panel and it is SO HUGE, there's a lot of personal adjustments I need to make to get used to this thing. I've never worked on anything this big before in my life, I've been using that same tablet and monitor for the last uh.. 15 years???? SO this is a huge leap for me and quite an adjustment period. I think I've *mostly* got my settings correct for the tablet. I may need to uninstall and reinstall all wacom stuff because PS is being fussy about it. All my other programs work just fine, it's just PS of all things.

It'll take me some time to get used to the new dimensions, but I'll be back on track soon enough.

In the meantime, doing Inktober, and by that I mean I'm doing a Warframe Inktober, none of which involves my tablet lol
So a few months ago my drawing tablet's cable (tablet is a Wacom Intuos 3 6x8) was reaching a point where the damage was really negatively impacting it's use. I was only able to get it to stabilize every so often but then I'd have bursts where it just did not want to remain connected. The tablet's digitizer is fine, it works perfectly, no issues. It's literally just the cable and the fact that it was damaged and torqued.

Here's the thing, it is absolutely fixable. I have about 3 options for it.

1) cutting down the damaged area, stripping the cable and re-wiring
2) Completely cutting away the original cable and shoving on a female micro USB port in order to use a normal Micro/USB cable that I'd be able to change out as needed
3) Purchasing a cheap same model tablet that turns on but doesn't work, specifically to salvage the cable from it

Of these options, 1 and 2 run the risk of botching the job and ruining any cable I had literally at all. (granted I could possibly use just a standard USB cable for this job I'm just very inexperienced with this kind of hardware modifying) 3 will cost more but will be the easiest of the options and will give me an extra cable with which to do the other options I have listed there. All of these would still be more frugal than getting literally any new tablet at all at the 'tier' I have. (talking like maybe 20-40$ ish at the most)

I'm trying a last ditch effort to stabilize my tablet with what I have now, as I have a queue of commissions I've hardly been able to get to work on because of all this. Afterward I'm going to open up physical media only commissions in order to drum up money to do the fixes I need to my tablet cus I'm absolutely suffering without it.
It's just a few days before June and that means ArtSlam is going to be kicking off very soon! So I hope you all can sign up and join us!

If you don't know what ArtSlam is, it's project/challenge between June-August where you draw once a day. Now you can do it for one month, two months or all three months. You also don't have to start on june, there are also start ups for July and August. You pick a subject or theme you give yourself to challenge and just do it once a day. The idea is to give yourself something to work on as well as commune with people that are also doing the same thing and both help and encourage each other through the community. So I hope some others participate as well!

Sign ups can be found on


Why sign up?
So that your tags can be made and you can get fun achievements for participating in the community. While you could follow along in spirit by giving a challenge to yourself, it's always nice to have more people to engage and participate with in the community.
Seen this meme around and wanted to fill it out. Do it too if you want :O

Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OC's take up? Fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them, if you you feel like it! Don't have 10 characters? Go for as many as you have!
When you've completed these 10 places, tag 5 people!

1. Your Fursona/Persona!
Your character that represents you!
Armaina Reference by armaina
Yep, this is still my persona, has been for a while now. Before that was the dragon avatar I had which I still like her, this is just more personable since it's my own species.

2. Your 'Guardian Angel'
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong. You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.
Talon Reference by armaina Talon Portrait by armaina Faded Talon by armaina Talon Erta Ink by armaina  Talon Stylized Attempt by armaina
Don't know if Guardian Angel would be the most accurate title but she is absolutely the most important character of mine and the most emotionally and psychologically connected character of mine.

3. Your Sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors. or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.
Ridir Reference by armaina
Innocent bug child

4. The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?
Munin Portrait by armaina Munin Brushpen Ink by armaina
Munin. Oh I know exactly why I have him, he was intentionally made the way he is, but he is definately an Odd Bird, to say the least.
Paul sketches by armaina
Honorary mention of Paul

5. Sentimental Value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
New Dayma Reference by armaina
Despite not really using her anymore, Dayma is still my oldest and one I still consider important in a way.

6. The fancy one!
You're flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.
Coronym Reference by armaina
While Coronym's design might not seem fancy, she is definately the most accessorized for the setting she's in and is the most conscious of her appearance of any of my characters.

7. The rare one!
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!
I feel like this is specifically aimed toward adoptable type characters or closed species in which case, I have none.

8. Weird Attachment
Tacea Reference by armaina New Methalous Reference by armaina
a tie between these two. I don't do anything with them but I can't bear to give them up at all.

9. The Fandom character

You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!
Ridir Reference by armaina Luminar Reference by armaina Flyers Are Obnoxious by armaina Saber the Tiger by armaina
I have a ton of fan characters. I'm not ashamed. These are just the most recent.…

10. The newbie
Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!
Discount Samus by armaina
This is Daga, I love her
So the chaos is mostly over and I've been moved into the new apartment since the end of last month. All the contributions helped significantly in feeding us and paying for transport during the move and I thank those that helped so much for that.

Still not unpacked, my main rig is still not hooked up so I'm just relying on my old, low powered laptop ATM, so it's taking me some time to catch up, that is, if I catch up completely at all at this rate.

Have a lot to get done and a new job to find.
So some developments have happened around the second week of Feb and I'm having to move very abruptly from my current location before the end of the month.

So a bit of backstory because my situation is a little awkward. When I was being forced to move out of the house of the people I lived with at the time (it was a bad mess and they were forcing me to pay more than my fair share anyway) and rent a place on my own but my credit was bad.

I went through a third party service to rent. They basically have the unit in their name and vouch for me and I pay them, it was the only way I could get an apartment on short notice with bad credit. I've been with that service for the last 3 years because we've had no money to move out. (which we would have, had my last job not have screwed me over)

Well, that third party service I rent through, their contract is running out with the place I'm living at right now, it ends this month, I was informed a week into the month. The place I'm living at now, if I were to rent from them directly, have changed their prices to 850 a month, that's not including electric which I pay upwards of 250$ a month in the summer. Now, the service I rent through does have other properties, but they have nothing available in the east valley and we can't live in north phoenix as gas for transit would be too much.

So we have to find a new place which means we need a deposit, which we don't really have. I was hoping by now to get SOME of the money I was owed at my last job, but I've heard nothing and I'm working on the indication that I'll never be paid for the time owed. I already have a place I'm looking into that's available and has all utilities included which would save us so much money in the summer and once I get a new job we should be fine, it's just the initial move in cost that we're struggling with.

TLDR: I have to move by the end of this month and I was given short notice and we're barely getting by, and we might not have the means for a deposit at a new place.

If by some chance you wish to donate, paypal is I don't expect it, but I won't lie, it'd help us out immensely.
Discord is armaina#2910
I made a mastodon, it's
It's got a dash like tweetdeck, has selective private posts, readmores/cut, and 500 character limit

For additional contact info I have a hub here: