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Metcele Dragon Reference

So some of you may remember my dragon Methalous [link]

I've had him around for some time, as long as DJ and Dayma... though I actually never had any definitive concept for the Metcele dragon species, only some sort of general concept. Soo, I've finally gotten around to figuring it out and also deciding on exactly what their patterns would be. I'm pretty happy with this in general.

As with all my species, you can make fancharacters of your own, just let me know if you do and credit!


Metcele dragons are a breed of very small, fast dragons. They are more active and lively than other dragons, and communicate in somewhat high pitched chitters and 'krreeee's. They are well in tuned to the weather, mostly by paying attention to the wind. They enjoy flying in stormy weather as a sort of challenge or play.

In many place, Metcele dragons are watched as a guide for the weather, as the absence of Metcele playing in the wind during a storm is an indication that the storm is too dangerous and that one should take cover. There are even some domesticated Metcele dragons that differ slightly, however this reference is specifically related to wild Metcele dragons.

There are 2 species of Metcele Dragons, simply called the Northern Metcele and Southern Metcele.

Northern Metcele dragons are the more common of the two. They reside in most of the northern lands as well as some central areas. They live in large clans, with as many as 40 members per clan. Northern are also migratory, and will fly to warmer locations in times of cold weather.

Northern Metcele dragons have a mohawk-like set of horns, that start from the top of the head. Males have 7 horns, where as females have 5 horns. These horns are somewhat hollow bone, so they aren't very heavy and are used more for intimidation than physical defense.

Their coloration ranges is usually blue or grey and occasionally some indigo. Their bellies are a darker color of their primary color, and they have a lighter, almost white color that starts from the top of their heads and ends at their tail. This color is also dappled down from the top of the body, some are are more dappled than others. They may also occasionally have 'socks' of their lighter color that are also dappled.

Northern Metcele dragons have very large wings that allow them to glide great distances. Their wings only have 3 digits and a thumb, though near the base of their tail, they have 2 'spines' that can move towards the body or away from the body, in this way it is possible for the spines to lay flat against the tail. Additionally, they also have 2 similar spines at the end of the tail in which membrane is stretched between these two spines.

Southern Metcele dragons are much are smaller and thinner than their northern cousins, and live in smaller groups as their numbers are far less. Southern Metecele dragons live in a smaller southwestern continent, and are not migritory.

Southern Metcele are usually a soft orange color or reddish orange. Their bellies are a lighter, yellowish color while their feet are a darker reddish orange color that fades into the primary color on the dragon. Also unlike the Northerns, Southern Metcele do not have the horn mohawk but instead have a frilled fin that starts at the top of the head and ends near the hip. This fin is red or reddish orange at it's base then dappled into an orange color, and tipped with yellow, also slightly dappled.

Southern Metcele have large wings as well, though the cartilage spines start higher on he body, near the hip, and they have a total of 3 spines, the 3rd being significantly longer than the other ending with a swallowtail like droplet. The edges of these wings have a darker orange or red color trimming the wings and dappled slightly, as well as 2 'eye' spots between the first and second digit, and second and third digit on the wing as well as an eye spot on the droplet. The underside of the wings are a yellowish color with no eye spots except for the one on the droplet.

There isn't much difference between the female and male Southern Metcele, usually the only visual way to tell the difference between the two, are from the tendrils that come from the nose and jaw of the dragons. While both genders have these tendrils, the male's are usually tipped with a brighter color than the female's.
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I like him, I love the round profile that he has, it makes him so unique and adorable!
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I really love the soft colorations of the dragons! You did a really great job!
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These designs are really unique, and very well done...
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Awshome, is putting it mildly
nuff said, yes?
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