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Previously I had shown a blank card for a game I had designed. I recently had a play test of that game at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. People offered some great feedback, and some suggestions.

There's still plenty to do before the game can be published though.

I do need illustrations, which I could do myself, but that's a lot to do considering I also have to write the rules and I will probably have to create even more cards before the game can be published.
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Color Profiles

2 min read
After discovering that the colors of my cards (for the card game I'm making) were printed darker than they appeared on my screen I wrote a post for The Game Crafter's forums. It turns out that I should have used the same color (RGB/CMYK) profiles that they are using.

After I had installed them I loaded a test image into GIMP and found that the colors that showed up on screen were a lot closer than what had been printed by The Game Crafter.

Which brings up a bit of advice that if you want artwork, that you had created digitally (2D*), to be produced accurately in a physical way (paper, canvas, etc*) you should find out what color profiles they are using so you can get a sense of what the finished product will look like.

*You could create 3D artwork that can be produced in a physical way via 3D printing, but, you often don't need to worry about colors and therefore color profiles aren't needed. That said I know that some places can print a model in color but I don't know if color profiles are needed in that case.
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Cards Arrived

1 min read
The cards for my game arrived today and they look good with the exception that the colors are darker than in the digital proof. Now I know that along with any other changes I need to make to the colors lighter.
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I've been working on a few game designs and the game I've put most of my effort I've done some playtesting with. The game is still in development but I feel that I'm headed in the right direction. Since the initial playtests I've added new cards (it's a card game btw; similar mechanics to most collectible card games you'd find these days) and I've edited and changed the older cards. I've uploaded some files to a site called The Game Crafter (a POD service for games) and they'll be printing my cards soon; which I'll be using for additional play testing.

So, that's what I've been working on recently.
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I haven't added much of anything until recently so when I got my Alien model to a point where I thought I'd share it, I uploaded it right away.

I made it in Blender by first creating the basic form with a sphere, utilizing the subdivision modifier. After I got the form I wanted it I brought it into sculpt mode and began adding details.

Once I finish with the model I plan on doing some retopology work.
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