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Current Residence: by the sea
Operating System: MacOs9 (yeah, i know... but it's still the best.)
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the cowardly dog, of course.

Favourite Visual Artist
Kent Williams, Phil Hale, Joe Sorren, Teddy Kristiansen
Favourite Movies
Apocalypse now, Brazil, twelve monkeys
Favourite Writers
Joe R. Lansdale
Tools of the Trade
paper, pencil, india ink, correction fluid w/ ronsonol
Other Interests
hu... cars and girls?

Lots of news

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Here I am. Lot of time has passed since my last upload (Yes, I'm still the same lazy guy) and I've got quite a lot of news. First: Ford Ravenstock #2 is on its way for the shipping. Last details to be fixed (lettering, some colours matters, etc.) but it's almost ready. I'll upload the cover soon, I swear. Second: the graphic-novel Cronache del Polpo is almost ready. One of my firt experiment with half-shade colours. Hope you'll enjoy it! It's a story about enduro bikers, written by the ubiquitous Susanna Raule (author of Ford Ravenstock and of News Numer Three too). Third: I'm working (hard, believe me!) on my firts French story, for edit
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And a lazy updater, I have to admit. Not a chatterbox you can say. Well, but I'm trying to remedy. I've started my own blog (Italian only, I'm sorry) so you can now insult me or tell me how good I am there too. Only Italian insults, please, no problem for the compliments. I can manage to receive them almost in every language. And so HERE is where you have to go if you are interested. By the way, please notice that I'm updating my gallery too. Quite a cool convention of which I made the poster. More details on the gallery. Cheers Lazy Armando
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I'm back!

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Ok, I know a long time passed but I was really busy, believe me. In the "deviant ID" section you can see the reason of my delay. "Ford Ravenstock" will be out in Italy in November for Panini Comics and I'm really proud of it. It nearly killed me, by the way. On the other side, killing people is what this character does. He is a "suicide coach" (like a life-coach but not properly the same :) ). For months I spent all my time working on it (and when I say all my time I mean it) sometimes 12 hours a day. I'm not joking. So, now I look at the finishd work and... well, to be sincere, I ask myself: "what the f*** have I done?" I still don't have
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Ciao! Sto organizzando il meeting italiano di deviantart! Se ti interessa ci sono maggiori info nel mio journal! :)
Ti avevo parlato del concorso NoWords che facciamo a Bolzano Comics 2009 vero?
Beh la consegna si avvicina, è infatti il 15 Agosto.
C'è una FAQ aggiornata sul sito del festival [link]
Ovviamente saremmo grati per ogni tipo di sostegno al progetto a livello di communicazione. Per cui se ti piace quello che facciamo, scrivine nel tuo journal, su facebook su twitter, dove vuoi!
Grazie mille!
Ciao, sei stato linkato nella quinta news [link] sui fumettisti italiani su deviantart. Puoi trovare la news a questo link-> [link]
^__^ Per favore visita, commenta e favorisci la news!
Complimenti per la gallery!
ciao! è un po' che non aggiorni più il tuo profilo... :)
comunque ecco una cosa che potrebbe essere interessante: a qui a Bolzano hanno deciso di fare un concorso di Fumetto, è una cosa interamente rivolta al fumetto muto (senza parole) ed è aperto a tutti ed internazionale!
Da un'occhiata al sito ufficiale, [link] ci trovi il bando e tutto il resto, e ovviamente spargi la voce!
Vi informo che è nato :star:~kinartclub!:star:
Venite ad affiliarvi, le regole sono disponibili sul journal.
Ma guarda chi si rivede!!!!