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Project Diva F Hatsune Miku



Model: Hatsune Miku (Default))
Game: Project Diva F
Developed by: SEGA, Crypton Future Media, INC.
Published by: Sega
File name: PDf_MDef
Mirror 1:
Additional Notes: XPS only! Has expression textures in optional items. Use with backface culling and always force culling (model usually turns this on on default).

The Armacham Technology Corporation does not wish to be credited. By downloading this file you accept to have fun and to in-character use by avoiding porn.
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After watching this:, I realized I can do this all directly in Blender. So... who cares about MikuMikuDance now? Because after some more thorough thinking, there may be some rigs or effects (such as construction crane cables, pulleys, and winches) that MikuMikuDance can't support. And all I really care about in terms of character model textures, is those from Project Diva F, Project Diva F 2nd, and Project Diva X. Because I still have yet to figure out how to rip MapleStory 2 models, so... I have to improvise from there. And I wanna see if I can make a PDF Snow Miku 2017-2023.

I have all three of these games' emulator rom files, but now, how do I extract the character and accessory models? Because those glasses, backpacks, and head pieces look like they could be useful too. And I still want to be a law-biding animator and some people could easily mistake Blender for MikuMikuDance. So I'll find models from sites like Sketchfab and P3DM.