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Killer Is Dead Juliet

Models: Juliet Starling (Killer Is Dead model, Killer Is Dead model with Lollipop Chainsaw ps3 textures)
Game: Killer Is Dead
Developed by: Grasshopper Manufacture
Published by: Kadokawa Games, Xseed Games, Deep Silver, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia
File name: KID_J
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:…
Mirror 3:
Additional Notes: Juliet's model in Killer Is Dead is more high poly than the LC one. Also LC PS3 textures contain better colours.
Usage Tips:
1.Save images in a bigger size to avoid crispy edges

2. If you dislike the game shading imitation disable the environment textures in XPS (Options-> Enable metallic maps, warning though: The models are extremely simple in textures and frankly look kinda weird without their shaders) if you did this the usual render group 24_ will be visible (diff, ao, norm, spec)

3. If you render this model in another program delete multiple mesh parts (one for each) and disable your rendering program to take any alpha into account. The alpha is needed for the shading imitation and I put it on the usual diffuse instead of making the file even bigger by copying evrything.

The Armacham Technology Corporation does not wish to be credited. By downloading this file you accept to have fun and to in-character use by avoiding porn.
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Can you please, please, please, rip more form this game! Like npcs and zombies?? please!Kitty begging 
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love lollipop chainsaw!
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Wait, is she actually in it? I looked at some boards for the game and didn't see any mention. Just curious. If so then it's an awesome easter egg; if not then you did a cool job recreating her in that style.
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She is an easter egg in the game =)

On the other hand changing models to this style ain't hard xD But i didn't do it on her, she's really in there!
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That's really cool. I found out after I wrote that that she's in a dlc mission, but that may be worth getting. I just got the game last night and so far it seems pretty solid. Loving the characters.
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Did not know she was in Killer is Dead. Now I have to get that; LC was one of my favorite games released last year. I've played through Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, and just last night finished No More Heroes and have to say that I have yet to play a Suda 51 game I didn't love. After trying NMH, I'd already decided to ignore the critics and pic it up, but this makes me want to sooner. On a side note, I kind of wish Grasshopper'd do a fighting game. Imagine their brand of humor within that genre.
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I love his games aswell :D NMH and LC are awesome! I didn't get far in Killer is Dead yet but it's nice too^^
Have to play Shadows of the Damned still ><

Hmm i don't know.. i actually like the simplistic gameplay in his games xD
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Shadows of the Damned is excellent. The gameplay is tight and fun as hell; I took the time to get every achievement and never got bored of it. It's different from their other games that I've played - it's kind of like Gears of War with demons, but that's not a bad thing. The boss fights weren't quite as memorable as NMH and LC's but they still had a lot of character. In each stage, you can find storybooks that tell the bosses' back stories and they're usually really interesting and/or funny. Dark humor, of course, but still. One of the reasons I love Grasshopper is the actual laugh-out-loud moments they pack into their games.
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Oh hey thanks for this and the other KiD models. I'm not keen on this one it looks like they're just retreading the No More Heroes ground to me so i'm not overly fussed, but I learnt early on that the #grasshopper games are not Day 1 titles, they don't last but they are good.
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No prob^^
Well No more heroes was still untouched to me xD I really like that game so i don't mind if they do sth similar again. Lollipop Chainsaw is nice too but yeah.. not that fun. Wish they'd port NMH 2 to ps3 ><
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coool her first guest appereance :D
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O_O JUlliet!? Ok this REALLY was a surprise! I do want to play this game so much, hope she does something important at least
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I think she's just an easter egg somwhere^^ I wouldn't play the game if it doesnt appeal to you xD
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xD another Juliet
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shes popular in the DID community :p
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