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Heavenly Sword Nariko

By ArmachamCorp
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Model: Nariko
Game: Heavenly Sword
Developed by: Ninja Theory
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Filename: HS_N
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:…
Mirror 3:
Additional Notes: /

The Armacham Technology Corporation does not wish to be credited. By downloading this file you accept to have fun and to in-character use by avoiding porn.
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Links are all dead, any chance of a re upload?
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
You wouldn't happen to have the dl for her swords would you? ^^;
Bringess's avatar
nope, i lost them
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
ArthurAdler's avatar
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
Sweet thank you. :D
CrossSCV's avatar
Thanks! Do you have the sword too?
if anyone could reupload it would be greatly appreciated :/
plzz Re upload againn
reapper's avatar
Link doesn't work
CyberBrian360's avatar
Can you "Re-upload the Model link ?
(its saying that is Been Deleted or Re-moved "! ?)
Oh and To "Kai "!Too ?
VenomousThorns's avatar
weapon??? Just curious if it comes with her..
jeangreylover's avatar
Scotchlover's avatar
Ninja Theory love redhead women.
ArmachamCorp's avatar
Haha they surely have xD impressive that Kat in DmC has black hair^^
Scotchlover's avatar
Dante and virgil's mother has red hair :P
ArmachamCorp's avatar
AlexFly's avatar
Oh Nariko, just when I had planned to render her ! Funny coincidence ! :aww:
ArmachamCorp's avatar
Niice :D looking forward to the render
AlexFly's avatar
Thanks, I'll do my best. :)
VoreQ's avatar
yaaay Nariko!! <3
do you have any plans to make Roach? ^_^
ArmachamCorp's avatar
Sorry not really >< These models are incredibly hard to do and i'm not a fan of him
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