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BioShock Infinite Sky Hook

Model: Sky Hook
Game: BioShock Infinite
Developed by: Irrational Games
Published by: 2K
File name: BSI_SH
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Mirror 2:…
Mirror 3:
Additional Notes: Thanks to SwedishHeat for sending the model back !

The Armacham Technology Corporation does not wish to be credited. By downloading this file you accept to have fun and to in-character use by avoiding porn.
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''avoiding porn'' I'm pretty sure if you tried to use this for anything porny you would be ripping peoples flesh off or something XD I pretty much used this as my default weapon the whole game. Melee my way through EVERYTHING. Except the old guys. I used the green power thing on them
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Quite possibly Infinite's weapon of mass destruction right here... :D
ArmachamCorp's avatar
that's for sure! i'm pretty sure some people tried to finish the game only using that one...and managed to! XD
Chris-Redfield-2013's avatar
Okay, now I need to try that, lol...
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I think the sky-line rail sits between the hook wheel, and the body of the device, with the hook wheel spinning as you roll along the rail. Manipulating the trigger alters the speed of the hook wheel, allowing you to accelerate/decelerate. The actual hooks themselves are only used to secure onto vantage point/cargo hooks on buildings, or to be used as a weapon. And the whole thing is magnetized to prevent the user from over/under-shooting their target.
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that seems to work indeed! it´s even logical haha thanks for your opinion!
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i never really fully understood how the hook connects to the Skyline...
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Apparently it´s magnetised just link the static hooks ^^
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so the hooks don't even... hook? they just magnetically stick? why does it scrape and spark on the rail? if it's just magnetic then why are there even hooks in the first place? y'know besides to serve as spinning instruments of mutilation and destruction...
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Oh I think it sticks to it magnetically, but then spins to move the user forward...IMO the magnetism is used to ensure you can grab it easily and then you have to use the `trigger´ to rotate the hooks to navigate the Skyline...or to mutilate and destruct of course
Vennicerunnos's avatar
i get the concept but i meant that if it's just magnetics then why are they articulated hooks? why not just metal balls on sticks? or metal propeller blades? any real reason besides the fact it looks cool?
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hum yeah maybe that magnetic thing doesnt do the whole job...maybe it´s mainly use to bring the hook on it´s target and then the hooks really ´grab´the line when it spines, something like a double way to be hooked and thus being sure you won´t fall...of course that whole magnetic side creates a problem : how do Booker or Liz or anyone do to simple jump OFF the Skyline or freight hook since it´s supposed to be always attracted by it? Maybe that magnectic force is also controled by the trigger...there is unfortunatly no Voxophone about Skyhooks so it´s hard to know..
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Yeah electromagnetism is obviously how they jump off and on, a trigger turning the magnet on and off, but i'm wondering how the heck do the hooks actually physically connect and interlock to the rail?! it's a smooth metal rail! no hooky parts! they don't match! HOW DOES IT CONNECT!?!?!

...maybe i'm taking it a bit too seriously...
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Oh I´m currently working on the Skylines and there is something to which the hook can connect, the Skyline is made of two layer, one in wood and one in metal, smaller and under the wood one, so I guess that´s where the hook connects, being then stuck between the metal and wood parts. There are also holes on the side of the metal parts, I haven´t checked but I guess there are also on the top for the hooks to go in. Levine is enough of a genius to think about such thing lol
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IMPRESSIVE. :iconawesomenessplz: I am so proud of :+devwatch:ing you!
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Deemonef's avatar want to get more compliments? :D
Thank you for the great skyhook :)
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hahaha you are welcome ^^
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