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BioShock Infinite Elizabeth Student Clean

Model: Elizabeth Pristine and Beach
Game: BioShock Infinite
Developed by: Irrational Games
Published by: 2K
File name: BSI_ESC
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:…
Mirror 3:
Additional Notes: Brooch might be hard to pose. Birdcage in on Handguns>Hand Left; Bird is on Handguns>Hand Right.
Thanks to dnxpunk for sending the model back !

The Armacham Technology Corporation does not wish to be credited. By downloading this file you accept to have fun and to in-character use by avoiding porn.
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© 2013 - 2021 ArmachamCorp
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EXCUSE ME, I urge anyone who still has this model to reupload it before something happens that causes you to not have the model anymore.
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links pls :'v
And unfortunately, all the links are dead
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links  to not work....
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She's beautiful Love 
Awesome work!
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God, Elizabeth was so friggin' adorable during the beach scene... well, even more adorable than she already is :love:
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Does the model have rig controls?
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yupp the model is rigged ^^
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Your link to skydrive seems to not work...
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Same here,it's not working:(
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Love it but doesn't work in Blender.... ;^; 
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oh never mind on the brooches, i figured that bit out sorry!
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what are the differences between the two models? there probably arent many but im having trouble opening the "beach" version, seems like it renders all black with no texture.

also, do you know how i can find the bird/cage brooches?

thank you!
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Hum, that´s weird, the beach version works just like the other one...try using a more recent version of XPS, sometimes it helps! And the only differences is that she has her sleeves folded on the Beach model ^^

Glad to hear for the brooches =D
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oh wow i hadnt noticed the sleeves at all! anyway i will try to update xps like you said then thank you
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All the cosplayers LOVE YOU for this ♥
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haha hope it can be useful ^^
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