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Hi all! Raz Here. I write this journal to inform you once and for all that I have no plans reupploading models for now. Beware though, it does not mean that I don't want to, NOR that I will never do it, it's just that my internet is slow as, let's say, the disgusting result of a turtle and a snail doing forbidden things in a bucket of glue. So it takes up to 15 minutes to upload a model, I really don't have that time these days. Second point, as the title suggest, I invite you to download every model you want from this account right now, as more and more of them are going to get missing. I used to spend 30 minutes to an hour downloading our
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Hello watchers and visitors, i finally found time again to check back on this account (i don't know how often Raz checks here but i personally didn't do it too often in the past weeks). There is a few things that i feel like clearing up here since a lot of comments and notes related have been recieved: 1. Sorry MMD users, but I don't port to MMD i port to XNALara/ XPS. The models as they are uploaded cannot be opened in MMD and please stop asking me to convert them. I don't know how to port to MMD and i also don't really feel like learning that. 2. Please stop sending notes with requests. I port whenever i feel like doing so and that isn't
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Hey peepz, thanks for all the kind words on the uploads and sorry for the models that are not reuploaded yet. This is a hobby, meaning we do it for fun and only upload because we think the stuff is useful for other fans aswell, therefore we do things as we feel like. Reuploading, which is linked to searching the models again, eventually doing small fixes too, is pretty boring and we rather spend our time doing new stuff. This doesn't mean we don't see the comments asking for a reup. You don't have to add the 5th comment saying that the link doesn't work. All the other comments saying the same are already in our inbox and as the models are
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you were one of the greats and my inspiration for getting into 3d modeling without you xnalara would not have gone where its at today ; honestly Thank you

sadly, This is another talented artist who put links up that he removes and then says nothing about it. As if it is so hard to just put things on a google drive with a spare email. and if it is filled up you can use Mediafire, MEGA nz, or any other uploading site.

Thank you for all your models and all you do.

please does anyone have sylvia from no more heroes.....

Hi, can u tell me how can rip the samurai warriors 4 models? i have all file of the bin files, but i dont find any model

Does anyone have Arma's modified no more heroes script for 3ds max? Would really appreciate it.

Does anyone have the model for Batman: Arkham Origins? I'm looking for the XE Suit. Thanks very much!