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Accepting writing for fictions with around 1K words at minimum. Note or e-mail me (e-mail address can be found below) if you need more than 1k. Thank you. :)

- DA members: send your order via Note and we can discuss more there! :D
- If you're not a member of Deviantart, please send your order to kelingking.kuroshiro at gmail dot com.
- Price: USD 10 or 1,000 Deviantart points, per 1K story.
- Send me details of what the story is supposed to be like if it's for Original Stories.
- Send me details of what the story is supposed to be like, and the character's name and fandom if it's a fanfiction.
- Can send you the entire story at once or chapter by chapter (which means payment will be divided and paid per chapter).
- Accepting R18 stories.
- Paypal: will send an invoice and half of the story, and will send the rest of the story after  the payment is done.
- Points: please send half of the points first and I'll send half of the story, to then I'll send the entire story after the remaining payment is done.

Newest Deviations

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My recent arts uploaded here.


by K-Nashi

This is a practice? You are mad! If something this good is just a practice, I dare not imagine your real art.... :wow: Anyway, since I'm th...

by Firnadi

Overall, this is one great art. I'm actually surprised that an artist with a talent such as yours still requested critiques. I applaud ...


Hachisuka Kotetsu by Nanjung110 Hachisuka Kotetsu :iconnanjung110:Nanjung110 4 2
The new deviantART muro featuring Redraw!

Draw with Muro Now!
Sharpen your skills and showcase your unique technique in a whole new way.

Alien Practice

by $draweverywhere

The Making of Pepper

by `Artgerm


by *tinkerpaws

:iconheidi:Heidi 1,599 2,801
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:iconheidi:Heidi 993 4,576
I don't do ART for free by Exileden I don't do ART for free :iconexileden:Exileden 24,562 3,574
DIY Digital Art Sketchbook
Hi all, here's a little project I've been working on for a while. It's a tiny computer which can be used as a sketchbook, retro gaming console, or just as a handy paper weight after it inevitably sets on fire and deletes everything you've ever valued. I've been wanting to make something like this ever since seeing Akira's awesome DMG-Gamboy several years ago and while its not finished yet, I feel like I've at least got it to a usable prototype state now.

Looks a little too much like a bomb from the back to be airport safe.
The counting down battery indicator doesn't help things.
Built around a hummingboard-i2ex and a Manga Screen t
:iconhaikuo:haikuo 30 34
Mini Art Feature 1
Welcome, one and all, to the mini art feature! :D (Big Grin) Join me as we take a visual journey into some of the awesome works that demand more attention:

Arch Angel Nephrae by XHeather-AnnX
Ask and Die by Junverse
Agua de Estrella by ixnivek
Target Practice by Laetic
[The Wolf Among Us] Bigby Wolf by chronicvillainy
Fire at Ouran v2 by Arm-and-Ready
page 218.2 - Nightmare - Suzumega Medabot by AltairSky
John Watson - BBC Sherlock by NikaTuwa

Utopia Magix Comic Page - Pasta by EverydayHeroGSH
Aurum by Chronokinetic-socks
Sand Storm by ARTificialphanTOM
CFV G: Happiness is a Butterfly by rainbow000pegasus
[GIFT] EAH - Primrose by the river by Queen-JeeDragon
[Arttrade] Reno by TheStupidFox
Let's hear it for these wonderfully talente
:iconcomments4you:Comments4You 3 30
Moonlit Pic by Pheos Moonlit Pic :iconpheos:Pheos 2 3 Just another Touranbu Story by Poltergeist-El Just another Touranbu Story :iconpoltergeist-el:Poltergeist-El 16 11
hard cold advice from a fandom artist
Just wanna share this awesome list that had been written by Euclase (, but the actual post already deleted) These are trully wonderful list of the truth^^, i kuddos u Euclase bb for your analysis n opinion coz some of them are ironically true:
    So I love fanart. I think it's fun. I think it's a great way for someone to learn skills and build confidence in a relatively safe, amateur setting, but sometimes it's not sunshine and butterflies. Fanartists, because of the very visible yet niche nature of their work, are destined to encounter shitbags on the internet.
    Since I've been sharing fan art online since 2002, I thought I'd type up some notes. This is just my experience/angle on things, so ymmv.
1. People will steal your art.
The difference between fanart and regular art is that it's recognizable by subject, and since you don't own the subject, everyone will assume they have the right to it. They'll put i
:iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 139 42
G.M.I. Calling aspiring Manga Artists/Writers/Fans

Calling all aspiring Manga and Webcomic Artists, Writers and Fans!!
The Global Manga Initiative is throwing open its doors and looking to grant completely free, quality exposure, networking and promotion to passionate Manga-creatives from all over the world!! We're looking to connect and feature some of the greatest rising talents from around the world WITHOUT forcing them to sacrifice their creative or publishing rights in the process.
Your Work. Your Way.

We are the Global Manga Initiative, a collective enterprise of Artists, Writers and other talent who dedicate our lives to our creative ambitions.

We make Manga. Manga from around the world, specifically. It is our goal to give rising-creators from every corner of the globe a shot to convey their work and show us what they define as Manga. We offer
:iconmanga-apps:Manga-Apps 41 50
Shin Seijuro with football by LemonPo Shin Seijuro with football :iconlemonpo:LemonPo 40 12 Riou by xellua Riou :iconxellua:xellua 10 18
Hello everybody :heart:
As of today I'll be holding a contest :D
The rules are as follows
You must draw one of the following below Oc's.
Contest Begins Feb 18, 2012 (the day the new pandora hearts retrace comes out ;;A;;)
Contest ENDS March 31, 2012
They must be drawn in human or pony form
Skit Pony :dummy:
Human Skit :la:
Raven Gloom (Skit's best friend)

Headphones (aka Phon)
and if anyone can draw a Great Female Oz (pandora hearts) you could do that too.
:iconfreedeez:FreeDeez 2 73
I'll suggest one of your deviations for a DD!
As I'm suddenly feeling very, very generous, I'm giving all of you the chance to pick one of your own deviations and I'll suggest it to the right person to give you the chance to get a DD!
What's a DD?
A DD is a 'Dail Deviation', DA will feature breathe taking deviations for one day. If you're lucky enough to get a DD, you gain a swarm of watchers, favourites and pageviews.
However, you can only recieve a DD once every 6months (to give everyone a chance).
How does this work?
(Favourite this journal entry so you can find me again) Go to your gallery and Find your best/favourite deviation, copy the link to your deviation and paste it in a comment below.
- make sure the category placement in the deviation settings are correct, eg:
A flower goes in:
Animals plants and nature - plants - Flowers
If it's wrong, I wont accept your entry.
-  Make sure you haven't had a DD in the past 6 months
If you want to learn about
:iconelinsphotography:ElinsPhotography 3 26
*gasp* CD Cover Contest! *gasp*
Hello everyone!
This is my first journal entry here. I should really consider being more active on DA, however it's hard to when I can't submit anything. Of course, there's always my Facebook page, whereupon I do post updates every now and then.
But I digress...
So it's my intention to create a new album. This album will have a collection of piano songs by me. There will be old piano solos, arrangements of Epic Battle Fantasy songs, and some new songs too. I'll probably have this album sold in both CD format and MP3 format (probably ITunes...). The title of this album is "Musician, Magician".
Of course, every album needs a cover. And while I can do a little bit (and I mean only a little) in Photoshop, I don't consider what I create visually to be anything impressive. So, I want to ask my fans for some help! :D And might as well make it a contest too (prizes and all)!
So here's the details:
There are two categories you can enter in:
~Album Cover~
This will
:iconhalcyonicfalconx:halcyonicfalconx 16 41
I usually faved b/w things and useful tutorials.




These past several months had been tough for me. Everyone in my family was sick in turns.

First it's my younger sis' pregnancy as she's having problems with her nausea went way past the normal level (Hyperemesis gravidarum) that she's being unable to eat anything and had been going in and out of the hospital on almost a weekly basis to be infused and treated ever since day 1 of her pregnancy. After around 3 months of pregnancy she finally started to be able to eat a little (two or three spoons of a meal), reducing her needs of the medical treatment and now we kept trying our best to assist her.

Probably fatigued from taking care of her and also to work and attend university, I collapsed as well. It was symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis but luckily I got treated in time to prevent it from becoming the actual disease. I think it's around a week ago that I've finally be able to function properly in full. But then, it's my father's turn. He's been having a complication of hyperuricemia and prostate problems for a while now and it's either gets better after some treatments or worsened when he decided that the treatment is too expensive. For a month or so now, he thought everything is too expensive so, yeah. His stubbornness is incurable, unfortunately.

Anyway, I'm finishing a drawing commission for a donator from my campaign at the moment, but after that I'm going to submit and continue "Faceboot" that some of you may have read in Smackjeeves, this time you'll read it in Webtoon. After that, since Webtoon is now collaborating with Patreon, I'm gonna (finally) launch my Patreon page as well. Please look forward to it and please give me your support if you enjoyed Faceboot. Thank you. Oh, and I might going to launch another Webtoon with a US friend of mine too after Faceboot is steady for a month or two.

Last but not least, commissions! Since I'll be very busy drawing for Faceboot and other Webtoons I have in mind, I won't be able to do drawing commissions for a while until I'm comfortable with the timing I need to create them, so I'll only accept writing commissions for now. Please Note me if you want a certain kind of writings other than what I've provided in my front page.

My latest writing commission was for YukariYC and it's for a Steam game and I'll update it again here when all the promotional materials are ready from her. It's an eroge, but I'm pretty confident that it's also pretty sweet to be played by females.
If you're familiar with the type of romance and smut I've wrote, please expect an even higher quality for this game so please buy and play it once it's out, okay? ;)

That's it for this week's update, pretty lengthy remembering how long have I been absent, haha. Thanks for reading and have a good day!
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