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Yes I have an account. No, I dont use it much :(

Well, not yet. Theres actually heaps of stuff I could potentially post up here, but I have an irrational fear of people finding out my weird obsessions and kooky ideas that usually come out in my drawings. Meh. We'll see how I handle this new system of figuring out how to do things.

Til then, I shall continue to lurk and go abouit my business.
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Don't know you, seen some nice pictures of you. I sometimes poke my nose in public cause it gets a bit itchy when its hot.

We're all weird like that, us humans. Welcome to the club, enjoy your stay.

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Post away. Who cares what others think. Kooky, weird, or unique just means you're artistic and have imagination. :D
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Yaaaay Arleh has joined us :D