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Weight of the World...

Copyright © Alex Weltlinger 2010
Photography by Alex Weltlinger of 18 on 9 Media

Costume + Edit by me

Whew! Been meaning to upload this one for ages. One of many shots that were taken at an all-day photoshoot. First time for me in a studio too :)

I was mainly curious to do this costume because I wanted to have a go at styling Cloud's ridiculous hair. First styling of the wig went horribly wrong. Second styling got better, but I'm still not satisfied with it *dies*

Oh well, now that I've done it I have no desire to do it ever again! And I will never laugh at another Cloud cosplayer's LOL!wig any more, as I have been there and I KNOW YOUR PAIN D:

The other Lovely People involved in this shoot:

:iconalita-b-angel: as Sephiroth
:iconarlo-arleh: as Cloud Strife
:iconathira80: as Aeris Gainsborough
:iconechoing-artemis: as Yuffie Kisaragi
:iconqueencattabby: as Reno
Vlad as Rufus Shinra

My second upload for Dev-A-Day Challenge. Now, to you :iconqueencattabby:!
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This may be one of (if not the) best Cloud cosplay I've ever look just like him XD This is so awesome! Great work!
Astral-Nihang's avatar
Where did you get the sweater if I may ask?
arlo-arleh's avatar
I had to search around, it took many adventures to thrift stores (about 10) but I finally found one I liked :)
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This has inspired me to continue with my cosplay. (The sweater was a pain to find.)

Nonetheless, you make an amazing Cloud! :D
Astral-Nihang's avatar
What sweater did you find? I've seen so many expensive ones, and ones that just don't have the correct style.
tsukiyoko's avatar
soooo cool OoO ~!!!
AlternitiveUniverse's avatar
that's a really good wig and costume, mind i ask what wig you used as a base? And did you make your cloud cosplay?
arlo-arleh's avatar
Thanks! I used a blonde rock-star shag type of wig that I bargained for at Paddy's (in Sydney) but you can prob find similar ones online, they're the same ones that a lot of people use for Jared cosplay from The Labyrinth. It had crimping at the base of the hair strands that made it stand up more so than a normal wig. But I also sewed in extra wefts. For more info on costume and wig see LJ post here: [link]

Thank you! :)
MichelleKoilover's avatar
i belive this is a really nice cosplay of cloude <3
good work, again <3
UnsungHeros's avatar
WOW This is amazing. O.O I had to actually stop and look really close and be like "... is that a costume or a screen cap??"
MizukiYamato's avatar
MizukiYamato's avatar
gahhh your welcome!!
you make an awsome CLOUD!!
Kaallisi's avatar
wow you make an awesome Cloud! *3*
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christie-cosplay's avatar
This is Fucking Beautiful.
arlo-arleh's avatar
Glad you approve :)
breathless-ness's avatar
wow so hot Ailee!!!
arlo-arleh's avatar
Right back at ya, babes!
arlo-arleh's avatar
watermelon-kaiye's avatar
Hahahaha! Great job taming the wig xD
I love your cosplay to pieces and think you and *alita-b-angel are loltastically epic. xDD
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