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Queen of the Sea


Myself as Granmammare

Photographed by the wonderfully talented :iconhoukiboshi: <3 you Straw!

Costume by me

Editing started by :iconhoukiboshi: and finished by me (I won't lie, I had a pretty awesome shadowstache going on hehe)

A very special thanks to :iconsorceressmoonblader: and :iconqueencattabby: for assisting us on the day, couldn't have done it without your help so thank you so so much!!

Ever since Ponyo came out I knew :iconalita-b-angel: and I would do it someday... adding to the Ghibli collection huhuhuhu :3 and I had always wanted to try out an underwater shoot! I think Anita was actually starting to get annoyed at how many times I harped on about doing this shoot hahaha

Straw said she would be interested in shooting us as she had bought a waterproof camera bag and wanted to try it out. The so-called "waterproof" bag didnt actually turn out to be as waterproof as we would have liked OTL.. and half way through the shoot some water leaked into the battery compartment of the camera and IT STOPPED WORKING OMG OMG D:

But after an hour or two of drying out in the sun the camera seemed to be fine THANK GOD!! But we didn't want to risk it happening again so we stopped the shoot, so we only got half of the photos we wanted to get. Which means - yep you guessed it - RESHOOT :D :D

We'll definitely be doing this again in December, and with professional waterproof gear next time. Just got to wait for the weather to warm up, last time it was a beautiful sunny day but the pool we were using turned out not to have any sort of heating system at all, so the water was freezing and some of us got sick :( next time I'll prob do it in my own pool though, easier to get to than Killara and it's solar heated.

More pictures to come :) (when I can get off my lazy arse LOL)
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GlenRoberson's avatar
You remind me of the "Lady of the Lake." from the tale of King Arthur and the Sword of Power.
Crappedman's avatar
So........Ponyo's Mother's Name Is Finally Revealed,Huh?
Old-Marcie1234's avatar
I like it! So radiant yet so wise...
Hapips's avatar
Very beautiful cosplay! You suit her well :'D
UnseenAlice's avatar
wow this is... surprisingly amazing.
i saw the icon and went, "No freakin' way it's that fantastic."
*clicks* well I could be so wrong. XD
vivicool995's avatar
You look like her! You really do!
Lord-Azeran's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! :heart:
Beastwithaddittude's avatar
This is a beautiful picture! :3
arlo-arleh's avatar
Thank you very much!
auress's avatar
that is so beautiful
HylianJean's avatar
Oh I love this so much. Thank you for doing such a great job cosplaying her!
arlo-arleh's avatar
Thank YOU for your wonderful comment <3
JadeTorchwood's avatar
That looks really good. I never really watched Ponyo.
arlo-arleh's avatar
Thanks :) It's more for little children than some of the other recent ones, but I still enjoyed it.
mbembet's avatar
Beautiful! i love it :D
echoing-artemis's avatar

Absolutely stunning, Ailee. :O
arlo-arleh's avatar
Why, thank you Mel! <3 <3
christie-cosplay's avatar
About time~ XD Hahahahaha Gorgeous per usual~! :D
arlo-arleh's avatar
lol I'm sloooow hahaha :P yeah, a boatload of makeup + good photographer can do that to you... You should see what I look like when I go to work no make-up & daggy clothes, Anita will tell you it's like theres a whole different Ailee out there, an uncooler uglier version LOL XDDD
ClamWings's avatar
You look just so beautifully gorgeous and ethereal! <3
arlo-arleh's avatar
Why, thank you m'dear :) you should've seen some of the rejects haha, we tried it with my eyes open but I just looked angry coz I was squinting into the sun :P
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